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  1. I remember you Gary !! there are loads of our crew on facebook .. if you are on i ll try adding you and have a peep through my facebook friends to find quite a few x
  2. My Grandfather lived here when he was a child ... if anyone remembers Alexander Williamson please message me as id love to put my Grandfather in touch with you
  3. My Grandfather is 88 in 2 weeks and lived in the Tyler Street Huts does anyone know him . He is Alexander Williamson , id love to hear from anyone who is still with us so i can reunite you with my Grandfather
  4. i think alot of us do....... Ronnie last i heard he was in ireland
  5. oh i would like a copy of that book any ideas where i can get one please?
  6. i was trying to remember Mrs Jarvis's name before she married , she married the teacher Jarvis from The City School . if im right he was a PE teacher but memory is preventing me lol did Miss Daft ever get married then or is she still a MIss? you should tell them to come on here and catch up with us all ! ;lol
  7. Hi Gary , yes all of those names and yourself .. Lisa in on facebook as is Carl Lycett its great to still be in touch with them ,,, i had Miss Daft in M2 and Mr Thompson in M3 then Mrs Hurst with Miss Hayward ( who we called rudolf because of her red nose )
  8. no ,, i went to school with Lesley Smith, Josephine Anderson ,Donna Drummond, Theresa Stocks, Carl Lycett when is your birthday ? i was 40 December just gone
  9. Mrs Adams was my 2nd teacher and i was in the prefabs ( i remember her because she scared me ) .. i cant remember my 1st teacher but my Dad can i must ask him when i see him next ... i was Maria Williamson and i lived on the Severnside Estate
  10. you are the same age as me i guess we must know each other
  11. who was your first teacher Sharon maybe we know each other
  12. i was also known as Daydreamer for alot of my time on the cb ... i was good friends with Alan inspector gadget and Nidge red alert knre Eddie fisherman and Shaun Dr Death loads of names i remember
  13. i remember being terrified of her she was scarey i was born 68 and went to wws and city
  14. i went to woodhouse west primary school in 1973 the headmistress as i remember was Mrs Kidd
  15. hi everyone ,,, recognise loads of your handles ,, i was Marie from Hackenthorpe First Love aka daydreamer lived norfolk park pitsmoor then wisewood now living down south if anyone remembers me drop me a line !! my brother was Mystery Man Alan
  16. my family lived on Stonecliffe road the Hagues if anyone remembers them id love to hear from you Robina Simpkins and Vaun Brentnall can be found on facebook
  17. hi does anyone know the Hagues who lived on Stonecliffe Road?
  18. my family lived on Stonecliffe Road ,, the Hagues .. does anyone remember them?
  19. i lived on wallace road in the late 60s my father worked on the railway , i loved being there my best childhood memories are from living there and i have been up there as an adult and find it sad that its just a rubbish dumping ground
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