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  1. I remember you Gary !! there are loads of our crew on facebook .. if you are on i ll try adding you and have a peep through my facebook friends to find quite a few x
  2. My Grandfather lived here when he was a child ... if anyone remembers Alexander Williamson please message me as id love to put my Grandfather in touch with you
  3. My Grandfather is 88 in 2 weeks and lived in the Tyler Street Huts does anyone know him . He is Alexander Williamson , id love to hear from anyone who is still with us so i can reunite you with my Grandfather
  4. i think alot of us do....... Ronnie last i heard he was in ireland
  5. oh i would like a copy of that book any ideas where i can get one please?
  6. i was trying to remember Mrs Jarvis's name before she married , she married the teacher Jarvis from The City School . if im right he was a PE teacher but memory is preventing me lol did Miss Daft ever get married then or is she still a MIss? you should tell them to come on here and catch up with us all ! ;lol
  7. Hi Gary , yes all of those names and yourself .. Lisa in on facebook as is Carl Lycett its great to still be in touch with them ,,, i had Miss Daft in M2 and Mr Thompson in M3 then Mrs Hurst with Miss Hayward ( who we called rudolf because of her red nose )
  8. no ,, i went to school with Lesley Smith, Josephine Anderson ,Donna Drummond, Theresa Stocks, Carl Lycett when is your birthday ? i was 40 December just gone
  9. Mrs Adams was my 2nd teacher and i was in the prefabs ( i remember her because she scared me ) .. i cant remember my 1st teacher but my Dad can i must ask him when i see him next ... i was Maria Williamson and i lived on the Severnside Estate
  10. you are the same age as me i guess we must know each other
  11. who was your first teacher Sharon maybe we know each other
  12. i was also known as Daydreamer for alot of my time on the cb ... i was good friends with Alan inspector gadget and Nidge red alert knre Eddie fisherman and Shaun Dr Death loads of names i remember
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