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  1. Was it only in Eckington that the game of Kingy Wingy was played Nobody else seems to have heard of it http://www.streetgames.co.uk/games/ball/kingy
  2. The border change created quite a fuss at the time with banners and signs outside a fair few house with a particularly memorable "Id rather be a Bakewell Tart than a Yorkshire Pudding" hung from one of the bridges in Killamarsh I think the main issue was the higher rates paid n Sheffield
  3. Blimey Tony's in Mosborough has gone viral https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1015349630920478720
  4. The picture entitled Post Office is actually the shops at the junction of Market Street and Northgate. The shop in the centre is the site of Rankins in the 60's (mentioned first in Post 44) On the left at a similar time was Davys (bakers) and on the right was Gilberts (chemist) The one entitled Southgate has the site of the Post Office (first shop on the left) followed by Baumforths then Porky Rowlands
  5. Bloody hell that must be a common thing for Eckington men cos I'm older fatter and greyer as well More memories -the little old man who had the cobblers shop on station road -the fact every kid bought their school does from Frisbys -all the miners waiting to catch the pit bus (which they still did after the pits had shut) -Eckingtons 13 pubs (not now) -the fox stone (foxun) dam -Emmy Drury's caravan -the blue tips in the wood And who remembers Barry Hines coming to the church Hall for a special showing of Kes
  6. Small world. I'm on the same picture How are you Ian?
  7. Okay Lived near Charlie Jessop Played on the canners In the camms book Supports Wednesday Have you recently put a picture on Facebook which has your brother in a united shirt
  8. Oh my God! I remember the fire on Ashland Road. Didn't a young child die in it. Knew who it was at the time but can't remember a name now ---------- Post added 05-02-2018 at 23:24 ---------- :blush:Oops Does top4718 give you away if not give us a clue
  9. That's right about 2 or 3 steps. I'm also in the book at the back and get a couple of mention's inside I must know you but can't recognise you from the tiny picture
  10. A few replies Rankins This shop was on market street next to Davys the bakers. I primarily remember it as the place I got my sweets when I was little (I lived on Northgate). I'm sure it also sold stationary and toys. Closed in the late 60's early 70's Bill Kennon I still have his book "The Spirit of Camms" which he wrote in my final year at Camms 1973. It was also the year Camms moved to the new school at the top of the Para Bank. Pictures of Porky Rowlands There is a picture of one of the brothers on the wall of Kemps bakery. You are so right about them knowing everyone as I often went in with my nan for some pork dripping where she was met like a long lost friend The feast The feast used to be on the site of the swimming baths originally before it moved "up Eckington" I once did a list of my top 10 Eckington shops for some reason 1 Rowlands 2 Billy French's 3 Morgans 4 The Wizard 5 Mrs Hobsons sweet shop 6 Calverts sweet shop 7 Booths fruit and veg 8 Jack Woodheads barbers (I counted it as a shop) 9 French and Siddalls 10 Ray Walkleys Nice to remember Kev
  11. Just seen the same thing outside Tesco in Beighton village. About 20 in a circle looking at their phones (kids and adults). Then all of a sudden they all started rapidly pressing a button on the phone. Looked quite funny
  12. Perhaps the gritstone kerbing is worth £200 - £250/stone. So if you can remove several hundred metres, that's what, £20,000 worth, easily. Backfill it with £1/kerb concrete kerbing, pay for the labour, concrete, lorries, etc, make £15,000 profit. Having worked in the paving industry for 32 years I can assure you there is not a lucrative market for used materials. The odd bit may end up in peoples gardens but there is now so much imported material it would not be worth the effort I admire your efforts to bring Amey to account and agree with most of the arguments on here criticising the way they operate. Just not this one
  13. The building in question is Eckington Drill Hall. It was a base for training soldiers during the Second World War and also the location of a searchlight Following the war became the venue for dances with some well known dance bands playing there
  14. It was the distinctive way Porky Rowland responded to his customers after serving them. Not sure he meant it to sound like Arthur Askey because it certainly didn't Quite correct about Mick Jaggers grandma. He often went in the white hart pub when he came to visit her grave in the churchyard
  15. SandyBottoms looking for bullheads and crayfish under the stones Para bank with sledges in winter and cardboard slides in summer The Canners -nicking carrots from the sacks outside and the foul smelling pea slime Mr Carter from the chippy giving us a free fishcake to get us to clear off Also Porky Rowlands the best shop in Eckington ( umm I thang yew) Billy French's the second best The bottom end being better than the top end (undisputed fact) Camms school (the old one with Mr Kennon and Mr Woodhead) Walking to Mosborough to get the 2p bus fare into town Running back from Mosborough to get the last half hour in the Mossbrook Charlie Jessop and Frankie (have you got any on missus ) Lowbridge The day they opened the by pass away from the centre of the village The feast Eckington Show with Jackie Fox as Lady Godiva Eckington Gala and the shop window competition There are loads more from some very happy days
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