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  1. 1985. Yes I'm old. Thank you all for the answer to my question, the name comes back to me now.
  2. Oups - sorry. Great service in there. I had a budget (albeit limited) and didn't know much about speakers. In those pre-internet days unless you bought specialist hi-fi magazines it wasn't easy to glean info about brands, models etc. So you were at the mercy as it was of the salesman. This guy was patient. He brought out a handful of cds, asked me what sort of music I listened to then played the cd through practically every pair of speakers he had. After much umming and ahing I bought the speakers. No pressure. Very good. I remember the shop was downstairs, under another shop and the whole area was a bit rundown. Finally - the cd I chose was "Lexicon of Love"...
  3. I've checked and can't find a duplicate thread on this one. Can anyone remember the name of the hi-fi shop that was on Nursery Street just at the entrance to the Wicker ? With my first pay check I bought a pair of speakers from them... name escape me mind. Remember carting them back to Pond Street and up to Gleadless on the bus...
  4. I think that I will visit this Summer - see for my own eyes then I can decide. What's one mans' garbage is another mans' treasure and vice versa. It's all relative anyway - and it's easy to look back with rose-tinted glasses and think that when you were little things were much better than they actually were. On the other hand, it's never quite the same to revisit a place that you had fond memories of....
  5. It's been a good few years since I last visited Scarborough - quite possibly 1999 was the last time I was there. Curiously enough was thinking of visiting this Summer, taking my little girl to see where Daddy spent his holidays when he was the same age as she is now. I could wax enthusiastically for hours about my childhood holidays spent at Scarborough - in the mid to late 1960s my father had two weeks Summer holidays and one week out of the two we went by train to Scarborough. We always stayed in the same hotel - the Winster on Albermarle Crescent. Some great memories: the lovely beach, the sea was always cold; the bus ride to the North bay and the Corner Café to Peasholm Park - the naval battles, the boating lake, the little train that ran to Scalby Mills where there was b*gger all to do; the open air theatre in the Park, the open air pool where it was always bloody freezing and you queued for hours to get in; the various cliff lifts that ran up and down; the cricket ground; the castle where it was always windy; the pier & lighthouse; the Corunna boat that sailed out to the bay and back; the boats unloading wood; the funfair and helter skelter under the castle; the Futurist Theater and the Green Lizard Restaurant afterwards; the South bay pool which was salty and glacial; Olivers' Mount with the Mere and the pirate ship Hispanola; the wooden huts on the prom selling fresh prawns & other seafood; etc etc. In 1999 the place had an air of tiredness which from all accounts appears to have got worse. They pulled down the Corner Café and the pool and built some ghastly holiday apartments. Other landmarks have vanished and the South Pool has been filled in. So maybe Scarborough could be skipped this Summer - Filey could be an alternative.
  6. Wouldn't fancy being underneath it when it landed, though...
  7. As promised If anyone recognises themselves on the photos, or recognises someone, let me know. If anyone requires me to remove these photos from the public domaine, also please let me know. http://img62.imageshack.us/slideshow/webplayer.php?id=skaterichdave04.jpg
  8. Mixmif - the man is a legend. Nice guy. He used to live just down the road from me when I was up at Gleadless. I have a photo somewhere of him - he would have been seventeen or eighteen at the time. He used to drop in to my flat from time to time.
  9. Right. I have some old photos from the early 1980S. I will put them on-line so that if anyone recognises anyone, let me know .... I'll try this evening.
  10. Some photos of Owlerton taken in 1985. Quality average, neg scanner not brilliant & can't find any prints. http://imageshack.us/g/12/201201056small.jpg/ Just to give an idea of what Owlerton looked like at that time. I wasn't really a speedway fan, I usually went to Owlerton to watch the Eagles.
  11. As if by magic ... Here's a photo of the aforementioned Anthill Mob, taken by myself (copyright applies) at the Battle of the Bands final at the Limit Club in 1985. I have more slides to scan yet (just got the scanner for Xmas) http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/2846/anthillmob1.jpg
  12. Please no, not that. BTW, Eagles did once use Milmoor for a match; a friday night fixture against Swinton when they were taken apart by (an ageing, admittedly) Danny Wilson (not the football manager) - father of Ryan Giggs and a very useful half-back. /anorak mode off/
  13. Oulà ! Ca chauffe..! Been living in Paris for fifteen years and never experienced any real anti-British sentiment; quite the opposite actually; when folk hear my Yorkshire accent they immediately become curious; some try their English out on me which now I find quite flattering. In the early days here I was so determined to speak French that if anyone responded in English I took it as an insult that my French wasn't good enough. Now I just reply "wow, you speak good English" which usually scores points. Amazing too once they find out I'm English just how many French people have a cousin or a sister who lives in "Portsmoose" or Brighton, or whom once visited London... Just a couple of weeks ago I got let into a local (4th divison) soccer ground for half price because of my accent.... edit : corrected spelling and here's a moderately amusing thing - try getting a French person to pronounce "Rotherham"
  14. Dowty retarders. I think that they are still manufactured and used all around the world (ok, certainly in Europe (Germany) and North America.
  15. Red Lion, Heeley Bottom. They had for a while the Thin Lizzy live single, which meant you got three songs for one play - "Rosalie / The Cowboy Song / The Boys are Back in Town".
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