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  1. Bugger, late again then. Is it still okay to come along?
  2. late (again) I'm afraid, but I sure could use a waddle around the court tomorrow night!
  3. Me too please. I'll need to knock some serious rust off my joints!
  4. I could have sung you some seventeenth century ditties, but I'm not going to be there (
  5. Wow! That's a heck of a slope to try to pitch a tent on.
  6. I'm afraid that due to my inept accounting, and the unexpected work that had to be undertaken on my bike, I am going to have to drop out of the camping trip. (And just about everything else for a while!)
  7. Yay! I can come next week! Please book me in.
  8. I'm definitely in. Have tent will tumble into it in a drunken stupor in the wee small hours. Will we be allowed a camp fire do you know? I'll either be on the bike or on the train.. not sure which as yet
  9. Best cross me off for this week. I just can't miss this football match. I'll be in the pub after though, so see you all there
  10. Okay, i've Shaved me beard off.... did we get a date decided? I need to order in my ice blocks.
  11. Just want to get in early for next week please Jaap,
  12. Hi Folks, I forgot to sign up for this week, so please book me in for 30/03. See you all next week.
  13. I'm game.. any date is good for me. Just as long as its not too hot.. I wouldn't want my igloo to melt.
  14. I'm a little late I know, but after two weeks of beer and junk food in front of the TV, I'm in need of some exercise....
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