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  1. I'm looking for someone to do a bit of minor concrete repair on an old garage and fixing a loose paving slab. Any recommendations for S35 area? Ben
  2. Thanks all think I might go down the councillor route. One of them for my area also sit on planning committee so he might have some clout!
  3. I need a bit of guidance here. We live next to a property that has been converted recently into flats. The planning permission stated amongst other things that: 1) a fence should be erected to 2 feet above the height of the existing boundary wall to prevent overlooking. If a change is urgent ie same day then I would suggest 2) 1st floor windows should be permanently part frosted (height defined in the permission) My issue is that the flats have been completed and are now rented. The fence has not been erected and our new neighbours look into out garden as they walk up to their entrance. Secondly the landlord has used adhesive frosting to the first floor windows. This is not in accordance with the planning consent. I have contacted the planning department several times over the past year. The only response was that they visited the property once and didn't feel that the first floor was overlooking. Since then I have had no response. Could anyone advise how I should proceed with this? How do I elevate this as a complaint within the planning department and if this fails, the next stage for redress?
  4. Almost at the end of redecorating our bedroom and a door hinge broke putting the bed into the room. Been struggling for ages to try and get the very painted c Victorian era hinge off. All paint is chipped off but screws not budging. Any suggestions welcome!
  5. Is that the one in the fancy dress shop? Look to be good value Are they any good?
  6. Just bought a ?late Victorian? partners desk. Showing some bits of damage but nothing major. Essentially needs: 1) Damage to corner with splitting of wood 2) replacement of 2-3 sections of beading on drawers/ frame 3) polishing Replacing the leather writing surface would be great as well. Anyone know any restorers/ any recommendations? thanks Ben
  7. Not convinced about combi boiler with a 1 bathroom and 2 separate showers- have one in my current house and it works OK with one shower but not when weather is really cold and certainly doesn't cope v well with 2 showers running at same time. I understand a more powerful one might help but still. Also had an issue with a newish Worcester Bosch leaking (fortunately in kitchen). Seems to have been an issue with a connector inside cracking but would have been a nightmare if it was up in the loft. Will bare your comments in mind though, thanks Ben
  8. Will be having a chat to the plumber we usually use about installing in the cellar. Although only 1 bathroom at present, we are planning to extend up into loft and add extra shower room so system (was thinking Ecotec) / pressurised tank probably best option with a Vaillant condensate pump (turns boiler off if it stops working) Had a search on the web and could find a Vaillant remote PRV kit. Had a think about putting boiler up in loft but don't really like the idea of potential for that much water to descend on us!
  9. Hi we're thinking about putting a loft conversion into a late Victorian house. We understand that we'll need firedoors on all rooms around the staircase. Any recommendations for reproduction fire doors? Ben
  10. Does anyone have experience in putting a boiler into a cellar? Current boiler is 30 years old and in kitchen fluing up chimney. Main drawback is that there is no drainage at cellar level. Was thinking of something like a Vaillant system boiler with condensate elevator.
  11. Hi also looking for a dog walker in Ecclesfield area. Not posted enough to PM Anna923 Any other recommendations welcome Ben
  12. We live at the top of Crookes and have been having intermittent problems with interference on FreeView, especially when it's windy. Sometimes on retuning the TV, we would also receive Look North for the North East rather than Leeds area. After many months of irritation at the signal breaking up just at the wrong moment, I decided to get a professional in to resolve the problem. Using Yell.com, I found a company called TVSAS- a company apparently based in Tapton Mount (Local company must know the likely problem in Crookes). I rang them up and was told over the phone that the job was likely to cost £45 +VAT (£51). Sounded reasonable to me and I booked them to turn up later that day. On arrival, the repair man seemed friendly enough and listened to me whilst I told him what I thought was the problem. I suggested that the aerial which was installed in On Digital's (now FreeView) infancy might not have been angled towards the correct transmitter since not all were transmitting at the time. He was very quick to tell me that it was a reception problem. He quickly got out his meter and started looking at values. I did tell him that the TV's signal detector showed good to excellent signal reception but he told me that they were useless (I wasn't going to disagree with this) After about 5 minutes of using the meter, he told me that I needed a signal booster. I asked him about why many years ago when I had a signal problem, the engineer installed a device called a RF choke (which actually reduces the signal strength). He started to speak in a very low and firm voice and told me that he had never heard of a RF choke and a signal booster was definitely required. He installed the booster box- actually 2 separate boxes which I thought was odd and retuned the TV. All channels seemed to be doing well but then came the crunch- Total cost was £45 call out and an additional £80 for the booster plus VAT (£143) I could not see how the equipment supplied was worth anything like that amount. To be fair he did say that I could try a booster from Argos or Dixons but they were rubbish. I told him I was not willing to pay this so he played the nice guy and got on to his phone- a 10% discount was immediately given When he realised he was losing the sale, he started becoming very loud and quite intimidating. I kept telling him that even after discount the price was too much. Eventually he relented but not without trying to push the expensive signal booster. Having checked on aerial installation websites, it appears that he was trying to sell me a mast head unit and power supply which might have been the correct piece of equipment but the mast head unit should have been fitted just beneath the aerial rather than next to the TV. Prices from other suppliers suggest that £25 would be the usual price. Overall my experience was poor- the installer seemed to lack knowledge, behaved aggressively and the service and product offered were expensive. I can only recommend to stay away from TVSAS!! Ben
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