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  1. Saw a white Transit this evening, two guys inside, one got out with a Black Helmet on, trying to steal a bike parked on the street, White Transit,<removed> Got pics and video of it, police informed and said " nothing much we can do " Seriosuly ?? I saw the whole thing, what foiled them apart from the number of people who came out, was the disk lok, they could not roll the bike into the Van. So chain up your bikes people
  2. Theres a good tyre place on Attercliffe Road, Auto Technics, the first place i've ever been where they use a Torque Wrench to do up the bolts, full set of new tyres for a Mondeo was £240. Very nice guys and I'd reccomend all day long
  3. Its a Renault Clio 1.1 first used in 1995, so by any standards its doing very well to still be in regular use.
  4. Im sorry but I saw plenty of poo on Sunday when I was there, plenty. It became impossible to avoid it, so we had to abandon a game of football as the mess was all over the place. Why would anyone make up something so awful and so potentially serious, think of the health risks for young children.
  5. I think the problem is caused by "cry wolf syndrome" The first day the signs went up eveyone shifted their car. Same on day 2, and then when they realised NO work was getting done and they'd moved the cars for nothing, they leave them where they are. So its a classic case of waiting for the evidence, ie the arrival of men, machines and material, before moving it.
  6. Yes that would be great, but dogs are actually banned from a part of the park, where the swings etc are, so that area should in theory be safe for Children to play.
  7. In other words..... Once the council gets involved, there will be manifold ****-ups so basically don't expect to get a decent job done or reasonable accurate information about when and where it will be done. Because it "inevitable" that we cannot expect anything decent from this useless shower !
  8. Yes they should certainly do somethign about it, the owners are absolutely disgusting, most people clear up the mess but obviously a hard core of irresponsible scum don't and they need targeting. there are very real health hazards to anyone coming into contact with the vile mess. The lawmakers and the council try to get people out and getting excercise, but at the same time slap parking charges onto users, and then allow the place to become a giant filthy cess pit. Same applies for Graves park by the sound of it.
  9. M reg renault - probably been abandoned - surprised it still goes
  10. Correct about the tour de France. But the worst road I can think of is at nether Edge, Nether edge road just after the traffic lights at the junction with Machin Bank. This is in absolutely appaling condition but no signs of anything being done. Round here they have stuck ups signs saying they will be resurfacing the troad but they haven't been anywhere near. Think they have bitten off more than they can chew with this job.
  11. Says it all really, was down there at the weekend and there is dog mess everwhere its disgusting. as though the whole end near the cricket pitch is just a huge dog toilet. So please take care with your children down there, and dog owners - you are filthy.......
  12. As andrejuan says above, they can fit these lights with a kind of reflector, so that the light only shines onto the street and not into the windows behind, I have seen a few fitted with these, maybe this is all that you need.
  13. Who ordered them to do it ? I think it was the council
  14. These are a bunch of clowns. Signs up all over the place- no parking, cars will be towed away, for 4 days from 28th November. So far Not one single thing has been done, no sign of any equipment, no men, no materials, nothing. Is there anything this council could organise ??
  15. These are small side roads with little or no through traffic. Should be great to have the cobbles back restored.
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