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  1. I have had nearly every car on the market since 1950s to 1990s and without doubt the best one I have had is a Volvo. Buy a Volvo and you will not regret it.
  2. One of the most reliable cars ever built... You would be hard pressed to find a better "old" car My son has a 26 year old 850 estate and it still drives like new. I have the upgraded model an S70 saloon and that too has prooved to be an exelent car which is now 22 years old. Best wishes. Ray.
  3. It is now 40 years before it becomes tax free. Just check on DVLA site.
  4. Hi Timbuck, I could have written your post about hiregreen Quarry myself as we used to to do exactly as you mentioned. I used to live at No 176 Bracken Rd and our back garden used to lokk over the quarry. My btother brought home from the war a large 25 man dingy and we used to take it down to the pond in the quarry, which was very foolish, as none of us could swim, I used to get a pasting from my dad when he found out. But looking back, they were happy days, playing on the little trolleys until the watchman saw us and then we,d runnlike hell.
  5. I worked at Wiggys in the 80s as a Higher Purchase Collector, it was a good job. M name is Ray Thompson.
  6. Hi Jewells29, I used to collect fag packets when I was a lad, one or two that stand out are: PASHA, 35s, Du morias, STAR, are the ones I can remember. We used to go for a ride on the outer circle bus(3) to have a look upstairs for any new finds, unfortunately later on I started smoking them!
  7. Hi Couture, I remember Dr Botros as a young lad, he moved to Bluebell Rd Shiregreen and my family were caretakes there, after Dr Botros came Dr Wynne, do you remember him?
  8. The living are concious they will die, the dead are concious of nothing.
  9. Good old Ernie, the fastest milkman in the West. He is my brother-in-law and now lives on the Blackburn estate. Ray:)
  10. You speak for yourself my friend, I have lived in Shiregreen for the past 44 years and I wouldn,t choose to live anywere else, perhaps I have been lucky. Ray:):)
  11. I have asked Sanctuary and Street Force to do somethimg about ruining the grass verges, but I might as well have been talking to a brick wall, they are not interested. If everybody that was concerned about the grass verges complained to Sanctuary they might, just might do something about it, give it a try.
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