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  1. Should be no problems at all then Cheers man, you're a top lad helping out with this.
  2. Hey thanks a lot for this Kieron! Appreciate the reply! I wondered about this, wasn't sure if the Arena would allow it. Guess there's nothing booked there though under the circumstances! Cheers afain.
  3. Hey Arena Mole, or anyone who can answer this! I've not been to a game at Ice Sheffield yet, but after waiting so long for hockey this one I've got a ticket for. What is parking like at Ice Sheffield, if indeed there is any? I live outside Sheffield so I'd rather drive if I can?
  4. Oh yeah that was the guys who made that Muslamic Infidels video wasn't it!! Always said it looked dodgy
  5. What would a "man kept for unnatural purposes" be? Sounds odd?
  6. Really sorry to hear about your loss, and RIP to your father.
  7. I'm ginger, and have been persecuted. But at least I don't have brown skin. Who made the worse comment? Me or retrogo?
  8. No you can't, but wanna help me start a Red Power movement?
  9. No it's not. I am ginger and very proud to be ginger. I have been called ginger this, and ginger that since I started school. I am not easily offended and mainly brush it off though. I am gobsmacked when I see people get arrested simply for calling someone a black **** when I have been called a ginger **** a thousand times. I couldn't choose my colouring any more than anyone else can. Seems to be we are becoming the last group of people it is fair to have a pop at. That stupid politician who thought it was fine to use the term "ginger rodent" made my blood boil. I am sure if anyone quite correctly called another politician(not mentioning any names)a black bitch they would probably be arrested!!! This political correctness malarkey sure ain't a fair one.
  10. Ed Miliband and Diane Abbott. If Blair, Brown, and Straw etc had't done it already
  11. He's probably a really nice chap to have a beer with or live next door to. I just feel sorry for him parading himself about, he seems just like a schoolboy in a suit. He's not going anywhere and has no influence on anything really......poor man. He should sack Diane Abbott though, and failing to do so doesn't make him look any better.
  12. It's a tragic act in a tragic world. The only time it should be a way out is for people of failing or dreadful quality of life. The saddest thing is when people kill themselves due to depression and the like. It's a tragedy when someone could easily have swung back round to enjoy many more years, but took away their own opportunity for doing so........ I can't imagine the utter despair that must be going through the minds of people who are attempting it though. So, so sad.
  13. Thanks guys.... The players has an option for upgrade via USB but simply nowhere to download the upgrades from. The unit also has online connectivity but does not have an option to update online....weird. The unit was less than £50 quite a while ago, so not crying over it, but I appreciate your responses.
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