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  1. I thought it was landing at the NGH by the location and at first thought it was the air ambulance
  2. I used city taxis on Christmas day from Sheffield to Rotherham, driver said it was time and a half, cost £30. Used a local Rotherham taxi for the return journey, same route, same day, £15!!! Tweeted city taxis and all they did was block me. Great customer service!!
  3. Evening everyone, Does anyone know of any local pubs or other venues around crookes, walkley or broomhill that are having a fireworks ? display tomorrow evening? I went to the walkley cottage last year and fancied somewhere different this year. Thanks ? ---------- Post added 04-11-2014 at 18:14 ---------- Oh dear, auto correct fail on the title of the thread **in not I'm!
  4. I've flown from manchester to newquay quite a few times before and if you really book in advance you can get a return for around £70. I've also done it by coach and train and must say, flying has always worked out the cheapest option and the most stress free option. We had our wedding down there earlier this year and many of our guests chose to fly. Newquay has good transport links to other areas too. I hope you get it sorted
  5. I've been a few times. Most recently last night to the one on west street. Have to say though, the service has gone downhill a bit. My friend and I were waiting almost an hour for our food last night, we tried to ask a member of passing staff who was too busy to stop and speak, eventually our food was brought along with a full refund (which we didn't ask for or expect). Our food had been stood for ages on the heaters too. Maybe they were a little short staffed, but the place didn't seem overly busy.
  6. Eveing all, Trying to find somewhere that will make a fancy dress costume. I've tried numerous searches and just keep getting wedding dress alterations. Its for my hen do and although I've seen some nice ideas online, I have specific ideas so could do with it making from scratch. Anyone have any recommendations please? Thanks
  7. The smallest flakes I've ever seen seen in Crookes! I really want it to snow but then remember I've got to get to work early doors! Eeek!
  8. Just a heads up anyone traveling by bus on west st towards glossop rd, there's some delightful kids running up to busses whilst they're stationary at the bus stop and throwing exploding stink bombs through the window. I know it might sound fun to some but this poor old dear it landed on was terrified as they're really loud and stink!!
  9. It just feels like cut after cut after cut, pay freezes, pension shafting and pay cuts and debanding but like I said, I.hope we all stick together and say enough is enough and take action
  10. Actually martyn1949 please tell me how 'basic economics' exempts managers from the north/south pay divide? I'm not going to be penalised for 1) not living in the south and 2) one rule for health care workers and another for the managers! I get your points about cost of living and would like to think I hold more than a basic knowledge of economics but please try to understand the angle us nurses are coming from as this proposal suggests a pay cut for nurses and other health workers but not for those in a managerial role
  11. We've already been shafted on our pensions and now this. Just recently within the last few days I'm aware of colleagues who've been told they're being debanded, in such a specialist area if care too. God, get this government out as we're not taking it without a fight!
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