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  1. I've been looking at gymnastics for my kids, wanted some feedback on http://www.gravesgymnasticsclub.com/. I got other contacts from the British gymnastics .org website. There's plenty of choice for girls just seems more limited for boys.
  2. Looking at gymnastics in the area was hoping for some independant feedback on graves gymnastics club. I want a club that's both boys and girls.
  3. I'm looking to get my kids in to martial arts but as I've never done it myself I'm not sure which one to go for. My kids are boy 5, girl 3 and we live near Eckington. I'm looking for something cost effective maybe once a week.
  4. OK, Thanks Mr Clary. BTW... I'm sure I saw your dog yesterday, Fanny the wonder dog wasn't it. I've been waiting for the login request on that site but I'll chase and do as suggested.
  5. It is thanks, can you make copies of the maps or are they still under copyright? Do you have to be a member or book to view these?
  6. Somebody block Blade73 now, how rude! Rupert Everett lover
  7. It's OK Rivelin, I have maps and pinpointed a rough location but the numbers were few and far between so I just thought I'd try on the off chance. Where might I get those kind of details btw, eg a transcription of all the gravvestones in those cemetary's? Sezwho
  8. I'm after a map fo the area around this time or before can anyone point me in the right direction. Sezwho
  9. I want to thankyou all for you're help so far. I went up to try and find the locations of the burials this weekend but as I suspected they were in unmarked graves. Can someone help me out again, on the list(s) that you have does it list the graves that are near to these locations outlined below. Attercliffe Christ Church. BLUFF John 28 Dec 1883 32 turner 41 Stedfast Street Attercliffe C1nc BLUFF Marian 13 Mar 1881 1 infant Carlton Rd Attercliffe B1121nc BLUFF Mary Rebecca 11 Jan 1888 32 widow 63 Swallow Street Attercliffe C Tinsley park cemetery Mary Jane Hardman - Section W plot 128 along with 3 of her infant Children. Hardman child is buried at Section E plot 92 Thomas Hardman was a wire straightner and died 1935 aged 65 he is buried at Section L plot 107
  10. Wisbech, that's fantastic . It makes sense to me as Thomas remarried a year after her death. Thanks for helping me locate my 2x Great Grandparents. A better picture is now forming. Sezwho
  11. Thanks Leipzig, that's a great help, are there any other details like plot locations... I'm not sure how this works you see as I've only just started investigating my family tree. Thanks again for the info on my 2x Great Grandmother. Regards, Sezwho
  12. Does anyone have burial records for Attercliffe Cemtary in Sheffield. I'm looking for 2 people: Deaths Dec 1899 Hardman Mary Jane age 33 Sheffield 9c 393 Deaths Dec 1911 Bluff John T age 0 Sheffield 9c 720 or anyone under the Hardman, Hobson and Bluff surnames. I'm not sure how this works but I would appreaciate any information. Thanks in advance.
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