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  1. I went past the building last week at about 10.0 am and there was loads of lights on inside. Are they really necessary, it seems a huge waste of energy (and cost) or are they there so that 'intruders ' can see what they are doing?
  2. I went into Sheffield this week, the first time in probably 3 years. I went on the tram as I've been led to believe that access and parking are difficult and to be avoided at all costs. We got off the tram on West Street and walked past the City Hall to get to what is the only proper department store left, Atkinson's, and had to walk through a building site by the abandoned John Lewis shop. The Moor was quiet (10.00am) and we did the shopping and also went into the market. To return we went back up the Moor, Pinstone Street and Fargate to get the tram. Thoughts....3 musicians on the Moor ..nice. the market was good but too many units closed. Wineoes on large bottles of cider on the Moor...not so good. Lots of building taking place but not sure how they are going to fill the retail spaces as it looks like 50% of the existing ones are empty/boarded up. The place was getting busier by midday but we was glad to get home after carrying shopping etc.....not in a rush to go back just yet.
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