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  1. Of course they do the best they can but not every one is a policeman or an ambulance worker which is the 2 examples which you use. For example, a very elderly lady on her own, has to go shopping at Hillsborough or the doctors on Holme Lane cannot be expected to walk from Stannington...no busses.for her.
  2. It all depends upon the weather and severity which can vary over the area covered by buses in Sheffield. Whilst buses may be able to get to Gleadless Town End providing the gritters have done a job, they may not for example be able to get to Stannington because the gritters haven't either. In that case for the good people of the Stannington area....there are no buses.
  3. I have to smile at some of your posts...sometimes. I don't know if you know but buses are equipped with the same type of wheels and brakes as 44 tonne lorries, but if the road surface is covered in snow or ice the vehicle can become immobile or even dangerous especially on hills similar to what we have around Sheffield. I think you will find that there are people on here who have walked to work many more times than you, a lot further distance, in worse weather, done a hard day's work and then walked back home ,but don't need to make an issue out of it. When buses get stopped due to weather it's no use posting "buses were running to the University " that's completely useless for people who don't need to use that route. It is rare that there are no buses running at all, but if they are not running where someone needs them...they are not running.
  4. I have a smart meter on both electricity and gas. I changed supplier and there was a problem with the new supplier reading the meters. The gas one works well now but I'm told that I need a "series 2" electricity one. Both meters have a manual option which I use. I check the gas readings against what is being sent by the meter and input the electricity readings to the supplier web site. Its not difficult and worth doing to keep a check on usage.
  5. If you are concerned, do you keep an eye on the planning portal to keep up to date with what is happening?
  6. Really interested nice sharing experiences Share
  7. Don't worry about It, the planners will have it all in hand.
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