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  1. Why didn't you say you had a wood pigeon visiting you with one leg you called peg leg, i need set ups like that, i only know old jokes. There are a lot of pigeons with feet missing, i'm surprised there isn't a special race for them, i suppose with no foot the rings will keep falling off.
  2. For getting home a canoe will be Quickest. It would be nice if they could leave cycle access through the roadworks.
  3. I completely understood and agreed with the bins not being collected under the conditions an even accept it if we completely missed our recycling collection altogether. However the way veolia have told everybody to leave the bins out blocking the paths until they get around to them is crap. Perhaps a system where if the bins aren't collected by 7pm or if notice is given no collections that day they should be removed from the roadside and notice will be given for a new collection date. It would mean it could not be the following day as people would be at work and unable to put bins out, you need about 16 hours min notice, but better for everybody to have a planned day rather than left out for a week or more. They must (or certainly should) have a plan for catching up, presumably by working longer days and slotting the missed ones in then, just put the dates on the council AND veolia websites, its not difficult. On the Council site it directs you to the veolia site which tells you to see your local council site for information, talk about passing the buck, ended up having to phone up. Tomorrow it will have been a week for us, at what point do we give up and pull them back in? Its a good job we haven't had the traditional March winds or they wouldn't have had any thing to collect. Just a bit more rubbish strewn around wadsley bridge.
  4. Tomtom's website seems quite good, if you have a tomtom you can register and get more info but even without still seem best I've tried up to now. https://mydrive.tomtom.com
  5. You probably already know this but just in case: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/homepage/4/buy_a_plan
  6. A ring, I didn't thing they got married, she just had him under the yoke!
  7. I have used a similar machine (be it on thin metal) with no problem on 13a fused plug. Its the inrush (surge) that will be the issue rather than the load, so long as the fuse is appropriate for the cable its protecting it will be ok, the welder will have big fat cable probably 2.5mm no prob carrying 13a safely forever. It depends also on the settings of the welder, you may find a lower current (if its adjustable) will be ok through 13a fuse but turned up full may blow the fuse more frequently and as it takes time to warm up that bit of wire to melting point the timer setting will also effect it. For the extension you really want 2.5mm cable which is quite heavy they are usually 1.5mm with a 13a fuse which is tolerable but i wouldn't recommend running it under the duvet at full tilt. Also if its on a reel make sure it's all rolled out. Its really more about annoyance than safety, use correct fuse for cable you will be safe enough but if clarke had said it was ok but it kept blowing fuses due to the inrush then the buyers would have had a justified complaint. If you want really dodgy my present one is made out of an old microwave transformer, i always keep a fire extinguisher nearby, strongly recommended for all welding ops. When fusing metal together at melting point surrounded by combustible material you are challenging the gods of pyromania, although in my opinion resistance welding has to be the safest.
  8. Tram wheel flanges are only a slightly smaller than train wheel flanges and cannot really be blamed for Croydon, 50mph around that tight a bend which should have been 12mph would have probably had the same effect if had got train wheels. The tramtrain wheels have to have the same diameter and thickness around the outer rim area as tram wheels as they run in the bottom of the channel through points and crossings on road sections. They have a thicker width nearer the axle where clear of the channel to engage on the guides on railway section points which have had to be raised to work. The "sea sickness" alleged by the reporters on the apt was more to do with the excessive alcohol and rich food they were given, to, well, help make them "happier" with the experience and was typically over indulged. Other tilting carriages based on its design have had no such complaints, helped not having the "made in Britain" label especially BR. The new tramtrains are a lot heavier at 66.1t as opposed to the old trams at 46.5t which account for more noise and vibration but shouldn't make the ride less smooth. Perhaps some more development on the suspension or drive gear? ---------- Post added 24-01-2018 at 20:27 ---------- It will never be a very good true test as no voltage switch over will done, a crucial part really. It would have been interesting to see a tram coast from leaving the 750vdc until picking up the 25kvac. I suppose the 25kv would be brought along the tram branch so far, possibly to a straight bit so if the tram got stuck between supplies at least it wouldn't have its nose sticking out onto a railway line. I can just hear the tanoy " would all passengers please get off and give us a push", certainly wouldn't recommend the driver climbing on the roof and putting a couple of jumpleads on the overhead lines. The have batteries perhaps they could move it the short distance required, any tram engineers know? I doubt the 25kv gear will stay for long on the sheffield trams, who wants to pay to maintain something not used. First time the selection gear fails it will be bypassed as a temporary measure to be fixed as needed. Lets sell it now as new, we'll get more for it.
  9. I started doing the same thing then realized, for the median in your example the average would be 1 which would give only 3 above ave and 7 equal to the average. Starting to think unless lucky you wouldn't necessarily get 50% each side of the ave by any of the 3 average types. Happy to be corrected.
  10. Depends on the type of "average" you are talking about. Make a list, start with the most intelligent at one end and least at the other, draw a line in the middle as the average and there will be 50% on each side.
  11. All these people we are teaching to fish instead of selling fish to, they will soon be teaching one another to fish so both industries are lost in the uk. Its even worst as many university students work with companies like Rolls-Royce, they take their development back home, already there is a growing jet turbine industry in china. RR can try to put up a "great fire-wall of china" to try to protect their development and which will no doubt reduce their university sponsorship. As a business they will try to survive by investing in Chinese companies but that's just a financial thing, money for the Blairs and Brown types and their mates, no real jobs in uk. Enjoy while it lasts.
  12. Enterprise don't have to unload there, they could unload on clay wheels for example and drive the cars that little bit further. Its just typical "why should i put myself out a little no matter how much grief it gives others" attitude. They also wind up us locals with taking our too few parking spots by parking their cars on the local roads, their yard is too small and in the wrong place for that size business.
  13. Be careful many mulitools knives are classed as locking knives and so illegal to carry, some one got prosecuted for having one in his car when stopped by police. No doubt i will get the usual o no they didn't sf pantominers so i had better start searching for a link now. In the old days a clubbing with the wheel brace was the method of choice but they were never banned.
  14. How do you mean "cancel central" locking? I am not familiar with this nissan but they did share the same nats system as Subaru for a while which could be another source of info, although it does tend to be the other way around. Normally the central locking on modern cars (usually referred to as "Remote Keyless entry" or "RKE" when googling for info) on activation sets the alarm and cuts power to ignition or injectors and so has to be deactivated to allow the engine to run. If you try to start the car with the central locking activated (from keyfob) i would have expected the alarm to sound. If a door lock button is pressed inside usually all the doors lock (as you would if driving around a dodgy area) but no immobilization or alarm set. What was the reason for needing the reset was it flat keyfob battery? Had a fuse blown that needed replacing? if so the may have been a short circuit some where that left a damaged component. As the key fob is communicating with the reciever then I find it hard to believe its a software fault. If you can relearn a keyfob to the nats module without special equipment (many can some can't- needs googling) then a second hand replacement nats module shouldn't cost too much, plug in and reteach your keyfob. Saying that if it is running ok then i would be tempted to leave it alone especially on such an old vehicle. Don't expect much help from main dealers anything older than about 8 years tends to be beyond there expertise, the electronics in vehicles changes so often. And they would want a small fortune just to take a look. If you get it sorted post it, as you will find googling around various forums, you often find the right relevant question but no answer.
  15. I only remember he talked of being claimed against all past tense, he didn't say how much was paid, no doubt sorted through insurance. He did say the reason he was claimed against was because he had cleared half the car park and would not have been held liable if he had not. Presumably some barrier tape across the uncleared section and a warning notice would have kept him liable free. Perhaps it did not go to court, as is often the case when insurance companies are involved they settle in their own way which is really the same as being held liable just different set of judges. I do have to think if he was clearing all the car park and the customer arrived whilst he was halfway through how would it have been any different? i suppose he would have been present to give verbal advice. All said i cannot find any record of it on the net except for some one elses thread on here https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=453661. The next time i am in there i will ask if the current tenants know anything of it. There has to be the extremes like if i chucked water on the path to freeze and make slippery quite rightly i should be liable if it caused an accident. The water company is responsible for damage caused by its leaking pipes (i personally have claimed against them for damages caused by flooding to the house, not court just off their insurance company) so if that leak then froze and caused and accident is it not the same?
  16. I was listening to jeremy vine on radio 2 once about this matter when the landlord of the Strines pub phoned in. He said he was sued by a customer who hurt himself falling down in the carpark on the snow. The landlord not expecting much custom due to the conditions cleared only half of the car park knowing it would be plenty of room. This customer for some reason went and parked in a part of the carpark that he hadn't cleared and walking from his car to the pub slipped and fell. The reason the landlord was held accountable was because he had cleared only half the carpark, if he hadn't cleared any at all he would not have been. He said in future he would not clear it at all. I would always put some salt down after clearing snow if its still a bit slippy for similar reason as by clearing the snow you are acknowledging a problem but not correctly resolving it.
  17. I don't know now as i very rarely catch a black cab but 25 years ago when i did the meters were more mechanical and i used to notice that it went on a digit every time we went over a bump. I think if i had to get one now traveling on herries drive i would have to sell my house.
  18. Perhaps they have seen the railway spelling Oughtabridge and thought a n was something between the i and a, in shape anyway. It cant be a typo as i is nowhere near n on a keyboard, which kinds of points towards something handwritten being incorrectly read. Possibly the message was written and strapped to the leg of a carrier pigeon which stopped of for a paddle smudging the writing.
  19. He had 2 sons both older than his daughter, when she was little he used to call to her "babby knut". Hope they are all well in whatever they are doing now and have my condolences, even if not close to their farther he was still their dad.
  20. I think some of our griping is that before the tram we had a single vehicle service but now we have to swap vehicle. If we had to swap buses but that changed to tram it would have been easier to accept. For us in wadsley bridge, hillsborough park area we would have to use the tram for just one stop to then swap to bus which is ridiculous really, especially if only going to oughtibridge. The service wouldn't be as bad if there was a greater overlap of the two vehicles so nobody had to use one for a short journey ie. the bus always ran to the hillsborough interchange.
  21. Anybody know what happened to the treetonweb site? It seems to be no longer accessible. It is a shame it had a lot of my family history on there.
  22. Fire, Floods and pestilence - nibiru is coming watch out for the horsemen. Modern equivalent is they probably are on noisy mopeds so listen out for them. Armageddon is coming you have been warned. On a lighter note only 58 days to Christmas! oh perhaps Armageddon might not be so bad after all.
  23. Looking at the BMD index a Pauline Berry married a Peter Smith in Sheffield in 1967 vol. 2d page 195. The electoral register lists a couple of that name still living in Sheffield but you will have to pay to get an address, worth a shot you never know. You could change your title here to include a possible married name and spouse someone might know them. I wasn't being a busybody its just i know a couple of Pauline berry's but its there married name so not the right ones. Good luck.
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