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  1. Can anyone recommend best flea spray for carpets and upholstery please. I'm fed up of wasting my money 🙄
  2. I love watching things like this. I thought she was falsely accusing him! Like you say, surprising ending. Unbelievable 😳
  3. Long shot maybe, but does anybody remember a menswear shop called Oxleys on Cambridge street, Sheffield around 1920 onwards (it could also have been around Glossop Road area Thank you in advance
  4. Can anyone recommend a good residential/nursing home for respite care. I'm trying to help my friend whose wife has alzeihmers and other problems and he needs somewhere she can go to give him a break. He's spoke to his doctor who has said seen as there will be no social support(benefits), it's nothing to do with him!! Bit harsh I thought. So come on Sheffield people, get recommending please. There's no better publicity than word of mouth. They live at Lodgemoor but anywhere will do provided it's recommended as good Thankyou
  5. Has anyone any idea what this pub is like. Someone has suggested it for a B&B/function we are having later on in the year. Any comments would be greatly appreciated
  6. It's OK Natalie, that is what I have come to expect on here so I'm used to comments like that. I suppose what they are saying is true but I actually meant if you want to take all reference of yourself off the site.
  7. If you decide not to be a member of Sheffield Forum anymore, how do you take yourself off the forum
  8. Snowing in Stannington......and settling nicely! Looked like a snowman when I got in lol
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