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  1. Has anyone else had this problem. I suffer with excema but never in my scalp, now I do! How have people coped with it, what treatment helped. Any tips would be appreciated, thankyou
  2. Yep, that's a good idea but no one would see them. I'd want their friends to see them
  3. I think the idea of making them wear hi viz jackets and trousers and clean the streets is the best idea, preferable in their own neighbourhood. They'd think twice before doing anything again
  4. What does redacted mean please 🤔
  5. Is there anyone on here that's got OVO ENERGY. I was with SSE but we have been passed over to OVO. I find it very hard to understand their bills. Anybody else find this or is just me (and that's highly likely 🙄) Thank you in advance
  6. I know a lady who eats chocolate that is 20 YEARS out of date YUK 🥵
  7. Anybody know what's happening on doe royd crescent. Section of road taped off
  8. Yes I've seen this information over last couple of days. It starts in May
  9. Llandudno twice per year. Love it
  10. Is there anyone who can give me information on the illness, eati g and bowel movements! My friend has advanced dementia, doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive but has very loose bowel movements due to doctor advising to carry on giving her laxatives. It just seems as if the doctor doesn't care. Why give her laxatives if she has got loose bowels and where is all the faeces coming from if she hardly eats anything. Seems doctor is just fobbing off, she's on end of life care so they don't seem bothered 😠😠
  11. Has anyone got ideas to get rid of an EML on Hyundai i10. Had to 3 garages and they can't find a reason for it. Now looking to sell but would like to turn the EML off. I don't even know if this is possible Thankyou
  12. Can anyone recommend best flea spray for carpets and upholstery please. I'm fed up of wasting my money 🙄
  13. I love watching things like this. I thought she was falsely accusing him! Like you say, surprising ending. Unbelievable 😳
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