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  1. I noticed for a while now a number of so called homeless people sat outside sainsburys mainly.what interests me is that Ave seen them going into a house on numerous occasions,clearly not homeless but clearly begging for money.this makes me angry,there's hundreds of homeless people in this country and there taking advantage from it.
  2. always seal your walls with paste.put some pva in it as well.this helps the paper go on better and stick like you know what.
  3. dont go near black wallpaper its a nightmare with the joint.tends to show the backing.they tried to fix it by staining the joints still does it.
  4. get a tape measure put it onto 21 and half inches then measure round the room with it corner to corner.a roll has 32 foot init.normally take about 3 drops.if you get a bit of waste in the corner stick another drop on always helps. so if you get lets say 30 drops.you will need 10 rolls hope this helps
  5. http://www.crowntrade.co.uk/Products/Essentials/Pages/NextGenerationPlusGloss.aspx
  6. http://www.crowntrade.co.uk/Products/Essentials/Pages/NextGenerationPlusGloss.aspx there you go.it goes on yellow then drys white.we use it all the time now.its a new formula.
  7. hope the paint don't react with the paste.we normally line the walls after stripping that way you get a much better finish. as for silk paint cant remember last time i used that.its rubbish shows everything up. ---------- Post added 08-01-2013 at 23:02 ---------- http://www.crowntrade.co.uk/Products/Essentials/Pages/NextGenerationPlusGloss.aspx this is great gear to use.it goes on yellow then turns white.would recommend it to anyone.nice finish as well
  8. sorry i disagree with your comments i was with them for over 4 years and i was on unlimited. we have an xbox laptop and computer working all at the same time.over the last year the connections were getting worse.kept logging out of my xbox account and lagging all the time.my exchange is only down the road from me.so thats the reason i left.if you go on there forum there has always been issues with there broadband.
  9. yep thats true.someone told me that at meadowhall who works in the office
  10. rubbish.i got rid of them months ago.bt infinity is 10 times better.sky always slowed down at night and problems connecting.as u say you pay for what you get
  11. he was slashed round the neck he was not stabbed.they were all from the kingdom club. that place wants burning down everytime there is trouble in town it all seems to come from that dump.
  12. Just been told by the aa my battery need replacing. It was bought in oct of 2010.would it still be under the manufacturers warranty.thankyou
  13. anyone been here on a friday sat night .heard its a good night and busy.
  14. what the hell is a dog like that doing of a lead in a busy public area. idiot springs to mind.
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