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  1. I swear they did fillings but gave nothing for the pain can you remember ever having a needle .I used to scream when they drilled a nerve i have been terriefied of dentist all my life i blame them still .But Sandra Brown ,DianeClarke, and myself did anything to get our trip out calling for some sweets on one of our mothers weekley book till we got caught happy days.
  2. I never knew Mr Haigh re-arranged himself glad i didnt i would probably had said something.I remember buying him a present when he left .Probably glad to see the back of him.
  3. I hated mr haige he used to pull me to the front of class with my nose it hurt.One day he gave me the cane and my hand swelled up my mum walked into class and told him off.When i got home she hit me for distrupting class.I never told her again when i got into trouble
  4. I bet that was one of my scams to get to the clinic at prince edwards worth it i used to take two hours .Another one was rubbing egg shells into our skin off to the clinic with our leg infections lovely afternoon off school ha
  5. i dont know any of those names i lived on queen mary rd bottom of basseldine went to standhouse and prince edwards
  6. the steel run allows them to stay outside all the time even at night. and for cleanliness reasons plastic hutches are far better.
  7. we have a green plastic one abbut 6 months old with a steel run, we would like £50 for both
  8. the chow dog belonged to susan young an only child she is still friends with my sister margaret. i will tell her you remeber the dog but not her
  9. I remember georgie obrian joining frogs legs and throwing a necklace of them round my neck.Mydad came to my rescue after hearing my screams. I hated him for a long time but i am still petrified of frogs lot to answer for georgie/
  10. Yes i remember .The times sally had to wash my cloths after been pushed in the pond .I dare not go home my mum would have killed me ah happy days
  11. I remember going to that house with pat ellis dont know why .Was there a big private down the right hand side of the .Funny things that come to mind.
  12. did you live near bottom of woodthorpe close iwas in the same class as alan hill peter slinn brian hallem
  13. we came to live on manor in 1948-9 my brother brian was working he was allways with roy sellars charlie spriggs terry leary. He worked at firth brown tools then.my younger sister was friends with joany mees who lived facing the pond.I dont know who manerman is but he remembers fig trees in our garden at bottom of basseldine.
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