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  1. Hi Gordon, I was searching online for information on Sheffield Corporation Water Works and your post came up on the forum. I have recently bought the Filter House at Redmires and am trying to find out as much information as I can about the building and its former use. I found a wonderful photographic record of the entire construction of the building at the archives, which was a great find. I was wondering whether you might be willing to either let me have a look at your book, or possibly let me know if there's any information in there about the Filter House? I understand that the book is very hard to come by! No problem if not - I just thought I'd ask as you seem to be a fellow enthusiast! Best wishes Joanna
  2. I've just called Barlow Village Hall and the school car boot is on there this bank holiday Monday (7th May).
  3. Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on my front door. It's a hardwood (I think original) front door on a Victorian house that needs some attention. Keys won't turn in the lock properly so it's a massive struggle to get in. Sometimes it jams and I think it needs screwing together to make it more secure. I'm not sure whether we just need a new lock, or need to strip, fill, tighten and repaint it, or whether we'd be better just getting a new door. I'd rather not, as it would be very costly to replace like for like, and we've just got nice new glass in it. We've had 3 people round to look at it, but they've done no good at all. One just sanded a bit off the edges (fine when it's been raining and has swollen, but take any more off and it'll be draughty in the winter. Another sprayed WD40 in the lock, and the third whistled and said, "Ee, you could spend a fortune on that" without actually suggesting anything that we should do! Because it's a tricky one, I don't think a general joiner or carpenter would be what we were after. If you've had success sorting out a wooden door of your own, or know someone who would be able to help us, I'd be grateful for your suggestions.
  4. Yeah, they are rip-off merchants. They SELL the clothes that you donate to Africa, thus putting local clothes-makers out of business and making a tidy profit on the side. Take your clothes to the local charity shop instead, or to a clothing bank at the recycling spots. If you can't get out to the shops, put your unwanted items on freecycle. http://groups.freecycle.org/SheffieldCity-Freecycle/description People will post requests for the things you offer, you choose who you want to give them to, arrange a collection time, then they come round and take them. You can choose who you think is the most worthy recipient. I have always found it brilliant.
  5. I would say join a club or social group, in whatever you're interested in (e.g a book club, sports club, walking group, dancing class, etc.) That way, you're more likely to meet like-minded people. You also have a reason to chat to people, unlike in a pub or club where you just look sleazy if you sidle up to people. If you look for friendship first, with someone who enjoys the same things in life as you, love is sure to follow. Good luck!
  6. I can recommend Nina Petchey of Bows and Bells photography http://ninapetchey.co.uk/about.html She is just starting up her own business (although she has been a professional photographer for many years) so she is doing lots of introductory rates at really low prices. She has a little girl herself so is very patient when photographing children. She also has a really individual style - not the same as all the other photographers you see - so I'm sure you'd get some really special photos. Hope that helps.
  7. I went on a ghost tour in Sheffield and the guy said that this shop is one of the most haunted places in Sheffield. Apparently it used to be an art shop and the spirits were always causing problems for people! Now it's the medicine shop, the spirits are always knocking things off shelves, putting things in people's bags and pinching women on the bum! Can't say as I truly believe in these things myself, but a lot of people have independently said that spooky things have happened to them in this shop, even when they've been unaware of its ghostly reputation.
  8. Oh how lovely! Glad you got sorted. The forum is great : )
  9. Hi everyone, If you're driving from Liverpool to Sheffield in a van this week, would you mind swinging by West Derby and picking up a door for me? I bought a new back gate but am really struggling to get it home! I live in Sheffield city centre, so am easy to get to. I am very happy to pay for petrol If you can help me out, please send me a PM. Thank you! Jo
  10. Hi everyone, I don't suppose any friendly Forum users are driving down to London at any point between 11 and 3? I would be happy to share petrol money and come to a good meeting point. PM me if you fancy sharing a ride! P.s. I'm not a weirdo and I hope you're not a weirdo either
  11. Thanks so much for your replies, guys. I hope Steel City Cakes makes a few changes along the lines that you've suggested and is really successful in the future as it's a great idea for a business. After all, everyone likes cake, right?
  12. There's LOADS of stuff going on in Sheffield. Maybe it's just moved on from the OP's day. Just because the old institutions have closed down, doesn't mean live music and exciting thing aren't happening. It's sad that some of the venues have closed, but other ones such as Haggler's Corner and The Greystones have opened. There's a lot of talent in this city. Music isn't sold in the same way anymore, either. The demise of album charts and programmes like Top of the Pops make it difficult to get a grasp on 'what's hot', but this trend has also made the music industry more democratic. People can find and buy new music they like even if the bands aren't signed to record labels. They may not get the national press that bands used to, but they're still there doing their thing. Check out Exposed, Sloucher and Now Then to see what's happening.
  13. Hi, Steve is the best workman I've ever employed. He's really reasonable, polite, tidy, hardworking, helpful and REALLY nice. He did way more work in the time than I could have expected. Tell him Joanna recommended him - I would recommend him to anyone. Steve: 07581117306
  14. So what sort of thing WOULD appeal to you cafe-wise? Is it the appearance that puts you off more than anything? They sell coffee and cake for £3 which is really cheap for that area. Would you pay more if the inside and outside were more appealing? Is it more important for it to be chic / trendy / traditional / comfortable / 'edgy'? If you do already go to cafes on Abbeydale Road, what would draw you into this one instead? (If it were changed from how it is now?) p.s. I'm looking at this from an objective standpoint (I'm not involved with the business at all) so feel free to be brutally honest.
  15. I'm not sure if Forum users get a discount or not. I'm sure it'd be worth mentioning. They sell coffee and cake for £3, though, so it's already very cheap. I was more interested in people's first impressions of it, really. It's interesting what people are saying about the sign - does that put you off going in? What aspects of its appearance attract / put you off? (by the way, I'm coming at this from a design point of view rather than a business one - its not my cafe!)
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