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  1. Its a year since my brother Joe passed away aka Rossi roony was Such a popular guy on the forum I can't believe a year on his friends on here still Message me to see how the family are and laugh about his stupid wind ups But sensable discussions thanks to you all its nice to know he is Findley Remembered god bless bro. Chris
  2. a great big thankyou from all the family and myself for all your kind words. especially to all you who attended our joes funeral of which there were many. he loved you all i do know that he use to tell me ,he even loved your visits, this forum brought so much joy to his life and was his link to the outside world, once again thank you and god bless you all chrispag his proud brother x
  3. joe would have been so overwelmed by all your kind mesages and thoughts ,as we are reading your post onc again a big thank you to this forom which gave him a release from his daily struggle with pain ,he loved you all
  4. his funeral will be next wednesday at city rd cemetey at 1 ; 15
  5. glad you had your lat days my loving brother getting some enjoyment out of your beloved cricket, ill miss your discussions on footy aswell god bless you joe xxchrispag
  6. im so proud of my brother reading all your messages just confirms what i always knew top brother top bloke aswell
  7. i and the rest of family thank you for all your nice post will post details of his funeral when we have arranged it once again a big thank you
  8. its a sad day today my lovley brother who loved this forum passed away thanks to all his friends on here whom he loved to cht with i know he loved the banter god bless rest in peace joe x
  9. hi we desperately need sponsorship for our team we are a none trialing club as we believe football should be for every one we urgently need a kit sponsor or sponsors for training equipment winter wear coats ect any offer would be very welcome and yourename would be printed on our shirts along with apparing in our news letters hand book and on website cotact chris under 11 manager 07976929098thank you
  10. use to watcn woodywoodpecker and flash gordon saturday afternoon took it inturns to pretend it was our birthday and get half a crown
  11. Lived on boundry rd played football on fields near tip called ourselves bassett swans
  12. can anybody remember dickie davis at shirecliffe college use to teach calculations. how many rolls to paper a room,hehad a knotch in his pen knife blade told us he cut through a electri cable and how lucky he was to be alive. we use to take it in turns every lesson to ask about his knife.never got any work done thats why im proberbly always a roll short
  13. did graham shaw end up with his own gang
  14. i remember when it was slack they sent me in townhall to work with fred and harold/ harry boons gang were working there one of the young painters always went missing at dinnertime ,eventualy found out what he was upto caught him knelt up in toilets looking at women sun bathing in peace gardens ,knocking one off.harry said what do you think u r doing ? he said calm as anything it helps to make it grow
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