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  1. I'm on the lookout for a sharer/rider to start from around the beginning of April for my super special boy. He is approx 15h, And just turned 4yr old, built like a tank and very heavy. I'm looking for someone, preferably an adult or older teenager either with previous experience of handling/riding youngsters, OR a quiet but firm rider wanting to gain experience. I intend on doing most if not all of his schooling. There is a brand new menage at the yard, and miles of off road hacking. Plus, an added bonus of a XCC just a 2min hack away. I'd ideally like someone long term, so he isn't being ridden by loads of people. He's special now, and he's only going to get better. I have big plans for this lad, And my sharer is welcome to join in and compete in the future. **Please note** He is a youngster, so he isn't 100% bomproof. He also doesn't jump yet (And I'm not a huge fan of jumping either) His sharer/rider will need their own rider insurance (for yard purposes) and their own transport, as the yard isn't accessible by public transport. There are no stable duties to do either. If you are interested
  2. I pay £87 pcm for grass livery. Yard has brand new 20x40 outdoor school, miles of off road hacking
  3. I'm on a yard that offers 24/7 turnout all year? There's an outdoor school, And miles of off road hacking. I live in S8 and the yard is about 10 min drive away for me
  4. Looking for preferably all year round grass livery in or around S6 area... Will consider DIY livery again around the same area. For a 3yr old well behaved 15h gelding. Does anyone have any contact details/prices of anywhere?
  5. Hi all As title really...im 22 weeks pregnant and im now living back in sheffield looking to meet new people who are either in the same boat as me, or have been there before? Im quite shy and quiet and i dont have much confidence in myself anymore but i need to get out and meet new people!
  6. hi guys! I was thinking we could each decide where to go each walk if that makes sense, so we all get to try new places?
  7. Hi have you found a loaner yet?
  8. Looked on the nhs website but many arent taking on. My partner and i are also very VERY nervous patients and havent yet found anywhere that doesnt scare the hell out of us, or even actually nice and patient dentists that actually try to ease us... Anyone have any ideas or recommendations?
  9. Calling all dally owners in Sheffield! (If there are any?) Im thinking of setting up/arranging weekly/fortnightly/monthy meets/walks to let our nutty dallys play and to obviously meet other dally owners and share experiences/help/advise each other? Im a member of the yorkshire dally meet group, where 30+ people and spotties meet, walk and play every 2-3 months...but hoping to find spotty owners just in sheffield (or local to) to meet and walk inbetween our big meets...and your more than welcome to join us and the others in our yorkshire meets. Is there any dally owners around who would be interested?
  10. Holmsfield, one of my previous livery yards. They havent any stables available so they offered me grass livery! Well chuffed! Use of all facilities too! Going up to see them tonight
  11. ***NOW FOUND SOMEWHERE*** Its a shame you dont drive! Just got myself grass livery over winter!
  12. Im norton lees/woodseats area. Was at hazelbarrow a few years ago, but not particularily wanting to go back there. Ideally wanting a small ish yard really, not a big fan of busy places...i like to go and do my thing without any hassle if you get me?
  13. Cant believe the lack of response...meaning everywhere. Ive called/emailed numerous places already and just havent had a reply.
  14. Hi all, i need to find a DIY livery space with some added 'extras' (turning out/bring in etc) a few days a week. I live in S8 area, so as close as possible...must be south sheffield, will travel south a bit! I have just purchased a 2yr old, approx 14/14.2 at the moment. Anyone know of any spaces going?
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