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  1. the temp was high, but below the red thanks for the advice - that sounds possible
  2. Hi, Can anyone please offer on advice? My car was snowed in for 2 days. When I got it moving this morning it all seemed fine. However in the time it took me to drive to work (50 miles) the heater had not warmed up in the slightest. When I got out there was a slight smell of burning rubber around the bonnet. I have 50 miles to drive home again. Does anyone know if I'm going to do my car any damage by doing so? Or break down on the way! thanks in advance
  3. I'm afraid I was in a car so it was very quick but I think it was mainly black with a little bit of white and fairly small. I couldn't stop so rang john and asked him to help it
  4. Hi, Can anyone please recommend a trustworthy domestic cleaner in Oughtibridge? thanks a lot Marie
  5. The coach is not just hired for the journey. They wait for the day. This is actually a pretty reasonable quote for a coach that size.
  6. Try Dan Hudson, based over at Bradway Dan Hudson Horse Transport Tel: 07721 534984 Rod Moor Rd, Dronfield Woodhouse, Dronfield, Derbyshire S18 8XL
  7. Thanks for the advice. I wound up going to the garge I trust - all the way to Champion and Emmet at Hunters Bar
  8. Any further thoughts on this garage please? Has anyone got a contact no
  9. Can anybody recommend a tube/ train station out of London centre that I can park at to spend a weekend in the city? I don't mind if it's miles out! Many thanks
  10. If you have a group booking it's normal for a gratuity or service charge of around 10% to be added. Is it a restaurant as main trade rather then a hotel? It;s more normal in restaurants, but it's a pretty standard thing anyway for group bookings. In my experience negotiating contracts it's not normally something they will reduce or remove. If you are really unhappy about it you are better off trying to negotiate for free coffee/linens/crockery/centre pieces (or something along those lines) in the place of having it removed.
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