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  1. there used to be fish in Crabtree pond too when I was a kid
  2. Seems a bit suspect that the bridge was safe but there were construction workers on it at the same time, doing what?
  3. funny enough, I see there's not universal support for the building on the council website. Will be interesting to see if it gets the go-ahead despite the concerns of some local residents. Someone is editing my posts...
  4. hardly fella, you look like a right chuff
  5. cheers folks, some great suggestions there...
  6. We have a neighbourhood bear which keeps making a pest of itself. Knocking over trash cans etc.... any ideas how to put him off?
  7. get your hair cut Muddy, you look like a woman
  8. I tried that other place but they all swear
  9. Well I was able to convince the shrink I was
  10. Its been a while I've been in a special hospital but I'm better now
  11. I'm much better thanks...how are you?
  12. I remember Dr Anderson, plus, does anyone remember Dr Labib Botros, bottom of Browning Road? I remember a huge eight wheeler horse box that was kept at the Marsden farm. What was the name of the woman that had the little shop on Foxhill Rd/Edge Lane? Where were the maisonettes? I remember a small row of shops almost opposite the Fox pub. At the bottom end was a petrol station. There used to be a small blue hut almost opposite the end of Lyminster road, you could buy fruit there, I think there was a shop there later that took its place. I left Sheffield in 1958, only went back for a few weeks after I got out of the air force in 1964, so I hardly know of anything you are all writing about. The mansion I wrote about was at the end of the lane opposite Browning Road
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