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  1. Mod Note: Please use the Vacancies section of the classifieds. Closing.
  2. Ok thanks so is any whey protein from holland and Barrett ok or can you get different types
  3. I just don't want too gain a lot of weight more get toned muscle n as I'm not a fan of red meat or chicken it's hard to get protein and get toned
  4. I have never played golf before or even been to a driving range but i have always fancied taking it up i would like to have some lessons to see how i go but wondered if anyone on the forum was a teacher or knew someone thanks
  5. if you work at vauxhall i am after some advice on my car alarm that keeps going off
  6. My astra alarm just keeps going off randomly tidy alone it's been 10 times but strangely enough it dies not go off at night Any ideas ways wrong and is it only vauxhall who can fix it Also any ideas how much it will cost
  7. Looking for some advice on protein shakes
  8. Just wondered if any used this I am training at the minute quite defined and In good shape The priblemis in not a fan of red meat chikin or veg so was wondering if these protein shakes help you when trying to get ripped
  9. I'm in need of some new weight lifting gloves and wondered if decathlon in town sells them
  10. I like the protective case tho lol
  11. 25 pound today it's the little White apple one
  12. Just purchased a iPad dock and wen opened it realised that with the case I have on the iPad it won't dock in as the case is too thick will I be able to het a refund or is there a policy with things like this Cheers
  13. Does anyone know if mac iOS 4.2 been released today for iPad iPhone etc
  14. Not a clue main one nearcarphone warehouse I would think
  15. Haha ad mine pre ordered months so game it will be tonight wonder if many are expected to go
  16. So then who will be there for black ops tonight
  17. Just noticed my mot runs out very soon dies anyone know where I might get it in tomorrow I'm near parkway
  18. Hi I have a 2002 vauxhall astra and i want the factory stereo out and my flip screen dvd one fitting in. I dont have the box or manual just the way it come out of my old car i am looking for a rough price and somewhere that pretty much does it there and then cheers
  19. Hi does anyone know a place that fits car stereos it's one I have taken out of an old car so I just need it fitting or maybe a mobile fitter thanks
  20. Hi me and the neighbour plugged the car in to obd today and it came up with Po335 crank shaft position sensor a circuit malfunction wondered if anyone had this too and how much it cost n were to get the sensor as neighbour can fit it for me
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