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  1. Hi Leipzig, I have 3 photo'sof Franklin Street,send me your email ,i will send them to you , Rita
  2. Hi Hodkin ,yes i remenber it well ,the sledging was great,from the top of Pearl Street ,to the bottem ,sometimes if you was lucky ,you might get to the very botton ,of Pearl Steet,those were the days .I did know Keith Wild ,he was lucky to survive ,and i knew the Fletchers ,did you know the bacon family ,Roy Bacon ,was a friend of my brothers ,he lived in Beeley Sreet,and went to St Matthias School,my brothers name is Roy Ford ,he still lives in Sheffield ,i came to GT Yarmouth in 1972. Ive got a book he sent me all about ,where we lived ,the pictures are of .Cemetery rd,pearl st,beeley st ,lansdowne rd , cliff st ,napier st,franklin st ,club garden rd,and sunderland st ,with the school at the bottom,if you would like me to send you some pictures of them ,let me know ,i will send them by email ,the AUTHOR is J P ,Turley ,he lived on Franklin st ,and went to St Matthias School,Regards Rita Collins
  3. Hi Garthai I lived in the middle part of Pearl street ,but i do have some names if they will help you ,where i lived most of them went to Sharrow lane school.The family next door to us ,were the Willis's,there was Jimmy ,Peter,Rodney ,David ,and Susan,one of them should be around your age,also the Cooksons ,and the Chapmans brothers. At the top of Pearl street was the Lowe twins ,and they had younger brothers and sisters.I hope this is some help to you .Regards Rita
  4. Hi Webster gue,I remember it well. W hen the houes was pulled down in Pearl street ,we moved to Club garden rd ,then they pulled Club garden rd down ,so we moved to Cemetery rd,and stayed there.our back came into pearl street sowe could still ,get to the shops around there .We use yo go to the chippie,on langdon street ,Nora'sthe chips were great.The top half of Pearl street was still there,but the houses were empty,they were still empty when we left on 1972 ,so i got a shock ,when i came over ,and they had rebuilt ,we walked all around sharrow lane,it was great to see it again ,old memories ,wished i was still there ,Regards Rita Collins (nee FORD )
  5. HIGarthai I'm proud of my heritage too,i sometimes wished i was still there ,GT Yarmouth is nice ,but its not home .Iwas up there for the new year,at my sons ,and might be going again in the summer.i came down here in 1972 ,i wished i hadnt ,but its to late now.I'd love to keep in touch with you,you must have known ,some of my neighbours ,they went to Sharrow Lane School,Regards Rita
  6. Hi Garthia Your right ,Pearl street,was great for sledging ,until some one put ashs down to stop us ,but we got through them. My son ,was growing up ,about the same time as you ,and he loved it he was also ,a paper boy,but i think he did ,Club Garden rd &Cemetery rd ,he now tell's his younger brothers about all the snow,we use to have. I dont live in Sheffield now ,but i do miss it ,sometimes wished i was back .Ilive in GT Yarmouth now,lovely to hear from ,Regards Rita
  7. HI, My late husband was in the ,Royal Corps Of Signals ,he went in, in July 1953, im trying to get more information,but not having much luck,I know when he went to Dreghorn Barracks ,he was a store-man.( signal man ) Regards Rita
  8. Hello here are some more names for you ,Bellemy ,Mellors ,Hemmingham ,Chapmans Rita
  9. Thanks for the reply ,the dates are 1953-1955
  10. not sure of the name ,but will try to find out for you ,i lived in PEARL STREET IN 1955
  11. Thanks a lot ,the right camp ,but the wrong tear
  12. I left Sheffield in 1972,what a difference ,when i went back on holiday ,mind you ,i did around all the roads ,when i left Sheffield i was in Cemetery road , my boys played football, where they had pulled the house's down Regards Rita
  13. I am trying to trace any ex Royal Signals ,in Sheffield. did you do your National -Service , at Catterick camp in JULY 1953,basic training ( 6 weeks ). If so did you know my late husband , Les Collins . He was posted from Catterick,to Dreghorn barracks Scotland .I know a lot of Sheffield lads ,went at the same ,i know there was one called Steve,but that is all i know, my husband did live in Wybournehouse road ,Wybourne estate ,i would love to hear from anyone Regards Rita
  14. I lived in Pearl street from 1935 -1961, i was born there .i went to St Matthias School , i was then Rita Ford,have 2 brothers ,Roy & Raymond ,also a sister ,margaret , we lived at No 67,above ,Cliff street.I left Pearl ,when they built ,the Lansdown road flats ,went round the corner to Club Garden road ,did'nt want to go on any Estate. my own son went to St Matthias ,then on to Graystones ,i would love to hear from anyone who new me, ( those were the days ). i only see Sheffield now,when i visit ,i now live in Gt Yarmouth ,Regards Rita Collins . (nee Ford )
  15. I lived in Pearl street , my family new the Grants ,very well ,if you are Joyce's ,daughter ,your mam new the PEET family ,Emily ,Lily ,Ireen ,Dolly ,Gwen &Arthur ,i'm Dolly's daughter ,we lived at 67 Pearl street ,but my auntie's &uncle ,lived at 111 Cemetery ,which backed on to Pearl street ,there entry was 2 doors about ,where your mam lived Regards Rita Collins,( now living at Gt Yarmouth )
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