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  1. Hi,You say that your husband is Clarence young.We used to go about together with Mick Mcginnley,Micheal Saul,Beverly booth .Me,I am Peter Marshall and I used to live at 29 Anlaby street.After Burton St school I went to Marlcliffe.I hope that Clarence remembers me.I know that it is 60 years ago but maybe he does.Bye for now
  2. As a retired busdriver of 14 years.I never once had a complaint from a passenger.What I did get from passengers was spit on,thumped and of course swore at on a daily basis.I wish that all those numptys who slag them off,could drive one for a week pr so.They would soon keep their mouths shut
  3. I am afraid not,Jackie.I used to live across the street from them.
  4. I lived in Anlaby St and went to Burton Street school.
  5. Hi Flyer,I might be a young un but my brother was born in 1936.You might have known him Brian Marshall.Sadly he died when he was 59.He too lived in Canada,in saskatoon.
  6. I was born in Anlaby street.I spent my childhood on Penistone Rd.I went to Burton street School.My mates were Mick Saul,Micheal Mcginley.Beverly Booth and others too many to mention.Happy days
  7. My son was posted to Kinloss[RAF]We visited the area for many years.We found it very beautiful,peaceful and a much more relaxed way of life.
  8. At Marlcliffe in the mid 50's,Pop Reylolds used to cane the boys.The other teachers had various methods of punishment.Ron Harrington[woodwork] had a large slipper,others had half metre rulers.It did me no harm.Bring it back
  9. The vet has said that a chip could have fallen out.Another contact number is 2493330.This is for the cats protection league
  10. In two days my neighber will be taking it to the animal welfare center.I would take it but we already have two cats.
  11. My neighbour has the little kitten and today we took it to the vets to see if it was chipped.I am afraid that it wasn't.Sorry
  12. Found on the 13/03/09 in Ecclesfield area.Torty on white.Around 6 months old.Recently speyed.Very friendly little thing.Please contact RSPCA on 2898050 Thank you:thumbsup:
  13. Raifs wife was called Eleanor.They were,at one time the South African champs.I used to be one of the red coats when the blades first opened.I also went speedskating with the team.We went to Bradford,Whitleybay.Blackpool and I think Manchester[Altringham].
  14. Last October,My wife and I went to see"Les Miz"My wife did not want to see that particular show,but she thought it was absolutely fantastic.I would recomend it to anyone.It rates with "Phantom"Either one.
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