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  1. Remember putting loads of red match ends inside fags and giving them to your mates to light up...ha ha ha f****** looks on their faces ha ha
  2. Yeah!! Tab ends, dog ends, snouts, woodies, parkies...we used to put a needle through the end of a fag so it went further!! used to but them loose in a paper bag...remember that?
  3. I used to collect tab ends from the bus shelter at the end of motehall road for my brother...**** head!! and with my sister! I must have been F*****g mad!!! I can also remember smoking tea leaves rolled up in toilet paper!!! What!!! ha ha...sad or what!
  4. Yeah, your right, it was a time when you felt safe, and I too used the woods a lot at the back of the school at Pipworth, and then into the woods...great time. I can also remember collecting coal off the back of the lorries at the back of the school too...can you remember them? ha ha what a laugh.. Do you know the Glennons off Fretson Road, opposite the Motehall Inn pub? Phil
  5. Hi, Did anyone go to St. John Fisher school in the 1960's, and do you remember Mr Davidson the history teacher? It is now closed and is a fire and rescue station!!! It would be nice to contact anybody who was there...interesting times!!!
  6. Hi, Do you remember anybody called phil inkler, brian skidmore, andrew williams or paul bullivant? great people at the time, what things we got up to!!! I do remember the chippie a lot,and the post office ha ha!
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