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  1. Many years ago there was a shaver repair shop in the old market , does anyone know if they moved elsewhere or is there anywhere in Sheffield that repairs electric shavers please ?
  2. After 12 years we decided to renew our vertical blinds so contacted the same company for a quote. On inspection we're told the tracking is still ok so just need new blinds , price for 3 Windows £195 (one is a large bay) , but what if we include new tracking as we need this to last . . . . . £460 how much !! Seriously is the tracking that much , yes we are told , in which case forget the tracking But is this true
  3. I do know things increase and I know £3.99 isn't that expensive for a dog toy BUT I want to purchase 20 ! I just want to know if these can be purchased locally
  4. Many years ago we use to buy our dog a smilie dog ball which we think cost about £1 , you could find them in most pet shops but we can only find them now online at a high pice of £3.99 or even more ! Does anyone know any shop that sells them , they are the soft squeaky type
  5. Not a programmer I know but no idea what you call someone that can sort out all my programmes and email problem . I know it's not a repair and by now you will realise I know very little about computers
  6. Can anyone recommend an Apple Mac "expert" local to do home visit to sort out my programmes please. After doing an update on Apple Mac computer I lost a few programmes , can not send emails but can receive , photos appear twice , some other things are wrong but as I am not computer savvy I will have to show someone. Thank you
  7. Live near Meadowhall , wanted someone with experience of German Shepherds if possible. Will ask vet as well thanks
  8. We have a long haired German Shepherd that does not take too kindly to being groomed on his stomach and between back legs and he now has some matted coat there. The last time this happened the vet did it whilst he was sedated but does anyone know of a good groomer that will allow us to stay with him whilst it is being done , any help appreciated thank you
  9. Parked the car this morning on Campo Lane (employment office end) in first bay opposite Star loading bay , bought a ticket for an hour then hurried to the bank. On returning I have a parking fine because the first six bays have been suspended !! There is a sign on a post but I never noticed it as I always park here , you would have thought that small cones or something would have been there now I have to pay £35 , so unfair.
  10. Sorry but you have to stand corrected and as for doubting that EMT will fund fully staffed human barriers - the staff are already in place and waiting , no good doing manned barriers all the time because if it worked why have barriers fitted ?
  11. Cross Country trains take approx 40 mins and Northern one hour which is slighty quicker than a 2 hour car journey.
  12. BARRIER STAFF as the title suggests , staff that will operate barriers but will now operate them manually but not very sporadic as you suggest but on a permanent basis - barriers in one way or another are here to stay !
  13. I can believe this , on way to Huddersfield yesterday the guard was checking tickets and at Meadowhall he jumped off and stood at the exit to the steps checking tickets and sold another 9 and this was out of the couple of dozen or so that got off. This was the first time I have seen this done but it just shows how many people do travel without tickets.
  14. Agree with this there are so many types of tickets that its easy to buy the wrong one and end up paying to much , the staff at ticket office always help me find the best deal and which is quickest route.
  15. That is funny being told to grow up by someone calling himself Zippy ! I have never had problems with any other ticket machine other than the Northern one at the station and when I complained the booking office say it has nothing to do with them and they have many problems with the 2 Northern machines at Sheffield which they think are being taken out. They advised me not to use them as there is no way to rectify any errors ok !
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