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  1. In the General Cemetery https://ibb.co/XtyHYSn
  2. For one mission to the moon, not all of them, some of the data not all of it, and lost but copies extant.
  3. Inhaling anything but clean air is sub-optimal. Inahaling propylene glycol droplets isn't a great idea. Inhaling soot, carbon monoxide, tar vapour, sulphur dioxide, and about a million carcinogens is totally batsheet crazy.
  4. This ^ but I'm also interested in hearing about other people's opinions on the situation more generally. It might also help me find the right professional. Also - these might be answers that other readers might find useful or interesting. I totally take Bendix's point, but I'm not going to go out and act on someone's posted advice beyond seeking professional advice. But I am always interested in what other people think. The company currently has two directors, one of whom is leaving, This business shed a number of directors about 5 years ago following what amounted to embezzlement and general shenanigans. This latest departure is planned, as the director is returning to the continent. It's now essentially a family affair. The director (my dad) has no interest in the company any more (he's 80) but it needs to carry on trading to provide him with an income at the very least.
  5. Sadly I don't have that option. Yeah, I'm actually soliciting opinions, experiences & informal advice rather than snarky comments, but thanks all the same. For the record, one of the directors reported himself and the others to the SFO - but no action was taken (action would be taken if "it was in the public interest" apparently) - This was in 2013. But we think a good accountant that won't cost the earth could help me sort the mess out and find a better way forward? It's a profitable business with no debt and half a million quids worth of stock, would be a shame to throw it all away.
  6. I have opened a QuickFile account, and at the moment am just logging sales through it. Once my bank mandate has gone through I will be able to link it to the company accounts. Thanks for your advice. Yeah - I know the accountants are rinsing us, so that's a big factor. So - new accountant, follow their advice and counsel? Any recommendations in Sheff?
  7. I have 'inherited' a small company. It's a limited company, and only has about three products which are sold b2b to the haulage industry. It functions as a mail order business in the main. What I am discovering is that the company, and its director, has been using the company and company account largely as a personal piggy bank. Salaries are all under the tax threshold, and larger sums have been paid out as director's loans and written off. I have a bank mandate, and can become a director if need be. Historically, the annual accounts have been a frantic period of receipt finding and trying to write off as much profit as possible against company expenditures. Much of it seemingly fiction. Now, I am not an accountant - the company already has one, and forks out 3-4k a year (on less than 150k turnover) - and I need to be able to (as much as possible) draw a line under the shady shenanigans of the past and put the company on a legitimate, transparent and compliant footing. What do I, in your opinion, need to do next?
  8. So I was walking our 9 month old springer spaniel pup in the General Cemetery, when I met a very dapper man with a waistcoat, a cravat or neckerchief, and an incredibly well trained springer himself. We chatted - and it turns out he'd written a book on training springers. We parted. Now I'm kicking myself for not asking his name or the name of his book. Can the forum solve this for me?
  9. Hi 4-4-2 - he's a 9 week old English Springer Spaniel! Well, puppy has been at home for a week and has really settled in nicely. He sleeps nicely on his own in his crate at night, and starts puppy classes next week. Spent a busy hour on the Moor with him this afternoon, watching the piegons and buses, and getting fed treats by random strangers. He was relaxed and interested throughout, so we're very proud of the little fella. Been back to Cookes, and got some great advice on a suitable puppy kibble, and we're gradually moving him on. The vet at Highfield practice gave him a clean bill of health, and his final vacs are on Dec 1, and we can look forward to putting him down on the ground at last. Thanks for all your puppy help and advice everyone!
  10. Yeah, I saw that in Cookes - that all looks much simpler than tinternet would have me believe. So got bowls, lead, collar, crate, some vetbed, a handful of rubber and plushy kong toys, a small pack of training treats to get started, and an appointment at the vet. Puppy is arriving a day earlier than planned, on Sunday, so just Friday and Saturday to enjoy as our last dog free days! I think we'll get a harness once we can try one on.
  11. Just booked a puppy course with Boney Fido in Sheffield, starting on the 11th. Got some decent digital scales, and will do some more reading on food. Not sure I'm ready to deal with BARF diets yet - sounds more like my reaction to preparing raw food. Yech. I'll be sure to pop a picture in once he's home and settled.
  12. That's great, detailed advice - thank you - and a very useful link to the food comparison site. I'll follow the recommended procedure for moving puppy onto better food ASAP. I'll also walk down to Cookes on Queens/London Road and check it out - it's helpfully quite local to me. Thanks forum!
  13. Thanks everyone. Yes to clicker training! Thanks for the book recommendations, I bought "The Happy Puppy Handbook" a few weeks ago and have read it cover to cover a few times. I'll take a look at the Davies and Stilwell books too. Harness recommendation very welcome thank you, it's a bewildering array out there. We'll register him with Highfield vets as we've been with them for 17 years and they've always served us very well indeed. The puppy is currently on Purina Beta Puppy complete food, no immediate plans to change that unless advised otherwise...
  14. Solid gold advice so far - thanks. This is why I haven't clicked "buy" yet! And point taken about amazon and taxes. If I'm honest, I'd rather pay cash to local traders if possible. Puppy will be 9 weeks old when he arrives home. Going to start crate training on day 1. Terrified, but excited! thanks again - keep your thoughts coming!
  15. So after years of prevaricating, we have a pup coming home with us this time next week. I'm sat here with my finger on the buy button at Amazon, and a shopping cart full of puppy/doggy stuff. But before I press that button, I wanted to ask the forum what you think every new puppy owner should have in place, in terms of kit, before puppy arrives. I'm especially interested in what you think the indispensable, essential, must have, items are, and whether it's best to buy them online or whether there are better alternatives locally. Thanks!
  16. Microwave sulphur lamps are nice and bright.
  17. I'd hire a fugu chef to make our sashimi at the table. That would sort the wheat from the chaff.
  18. GPS is no good if you lose him in a hotel or heavily built up area. Besides, it only means you know the location of his GPS pin, and not actually him. You should consider implanting something. I'd suggest some kind of cranial mount, with good view of the GPS network, and probably include some telltale monitors for eeg, heart rate, bp, blood oxygen etc. Then you could tell whether he was in distress from the comfort of the next continent.
  19. to opine is the verb that means to give one's opinion.
  20. You were on a 22 bus from town to Nether Edge this evening at about 6. You've got blonde hair, with a fringe, and a pink bone-shaped hair grip. You're gorgeous. Just thought I'd let you know! Happy Christmas!
  21. I'm looking for a compact torch that uses ultrabright LEDs (cree/luxeon/similar). I've seen a few around in town, and they tend to be expensive above the 750 lumen range, and wondered if anyone could recommend a model (and even where to get it, I don't ask for much LOL)
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