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  1. Does anybody know anywhere that does tig welding in sheffield i need a hole welding up in a titanium exhaust? Regards Craig
  2. all the places people mentioned just sell crap. System Q in chesterfield is UKs biggest cctv equipment outlet. But its trade only but prob the cheapest quality place around. I am self employed and have an account there!
  3. What the little clothing alterations shop is called on woodseats near the big tree? And also is it possible what i want doing... i have recently got some new mountain biking trousers with an elasticated waste in a size 32 as all my other trousers are a 32 but these are a little bit tight. They have a zip on the front and like a little bit on plastic that clicks through like a tie wrap to tighten them but i can just get it in one click and they are really tight! Would a clothing alterations shop be able to make them an inch or 2 bigger on the waste? (with them being elasticated etc as described) thanks craig
  4. Its called fat cats moto parc, only any good if you have your own quad!
  5. Hi i can give you a quote for CCTV, could maybe do the job lower than the price mentioned but would need a look first. Let me know if your interested in a quote. Regards Craig
  6. obviously not from dronfield are you!! as jolly farmer and stoops are probably the best pubs and the sidings has been closed down ages!
  7. Kim1201, this is my job and i would happy to give you a quote. What area are you from? Craig
  8. I have heard that they have no way of enforcing it and to just ignore them and they will do away? £60 Is a bit steep aswell.
  9. Hi i parked up in a hotel car park in chesterfield around ten days ago to answer my phone. I did not leave the car i was on the phone for around 20 minutes then i left the car park. Today i recieved a letter through the post from a company called the parking eye saying i had not payed for going in the car park so i have to pay £60 before the 13th of Jan or £120 after. Do i have to pay this?
  10. no i travel upon and down there on a regular basis the majority of them dnt have cameras in them
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