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  1. Anybody know what happened this morning big police presence burnreave road chaotic.
  2. Anybody know of anyone that collect scrap free from the s6 area, or does any one do it themselves? Thanks
  3. work any comp.but please do not work 4 IDEAL CAREHOME
  4. Did anybody witness a tm bus driver hit a guy on the a57 mosbrough parkway today please around 4-15 if so can you pm me need witnesses thanks
  5. I live in Waterthorpe S20 5 minutes to the tram and excellant bus route, we have had no problems here and have Crystal Peaks on our doorstep, keep it in mind also our house just about to go on the market so if you intrested pm me.
  6. We have a lovely 3 bed house at Waterthorpe which was valued by the Halifax this week to be worth £100,000, we are looking to move to S12 preferably Basegreen/ Intake area into a house around the same price or a little more, trying to save on estate agents etc..by seeing if anyone intrested in house swap if so drop me an e-mail and we can exchange details
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