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  1. Does anyone know where the 76 goes between Firs Hill School and Firth Park? These are the only stops listed on the timetable around there and I need to be at Northern General tomorrow. Ta.
  2. I think that anyone who WANTS to be a mod shouldn't be allowed to be one.
  3. I know the production company is on quite a small budget, but 75k isn't that much for a day of filming, is it? I'm not saying it is costing that much, it does sound a lot more than it should, but must still be thousands a day. You have the crew and actors to pay (I know how much some of them are getting, it isn't loads but adds up on a fairly big production), the vehicles and equipment to hire, craft service, the locations to pay for, the extras have been given £40 each a day (I know it only works out about £4 an hour but still adds up). Oh, and the location scouts, apparently then get thousands and thousands, they are well overpaid!
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy 2 baby gerbils from? We had two male gerbils that we have had for nearly 4 years but sadly one passed away on Sunday. Anyone who knows about gerbils knows it is best to keep more than one as they get very lonely on their own. So we are looking at getting some more to keep him company. I have done some research online and it is advised that when introducing new gerbils to an existing old male one it is best to get two males but they must be less than 6 weeks old otherwise the little ones will get killed. The problem is that gerbils in pet shops are usually about 8 weeks when sold, so I'm looking for another way of buying some. Can anyone help?
  5. I'm having a Birthday Party in a few weeks and wanted to have karaoke as part of it. Does anyone know of a good mobile karaoke person who could host an event? Obviously needs to have all their own kit and be willing to get things started and get people up!! I have the venue (S7)- just the need the host.
  6. You forgot that his skin is too dark for you too, Poppins!
  7. Jade Goody People who say 'can you borrow me a fiver' people who say 'gid' instead of 'gave' most adverts pop ups paper cuts razor blades
  8. My friend & I were playing this at work on Friday! Paper cuts (so small an injury, so much pain) football hooligans (grow up) people who can't admit that they are wrong - ever (No-ones right all the time) the general public Anything Xmas related before December (there is just no need, people!!) DFS adverts (Grrrrrrrrr) films on TV cut off half way through for the news Pretentious people call centres (from both sides, having called them and worked in one) people who leave used teabags in the sink people who don't wash daily anything that tastes like anaseed
  9. Thanks I'll consider that - I used to go to a girls house to have my hair done and she would charge that amount, so that's quite reasonable really. Plus it's a lot nearer to where I live!! thank you!
  10. Does anybody know of a good hair salon in the Abbeydale Road/Nether Edge area? I've been to one on Ecclesall Road before but to be honest it was a bit pricey for what I got.
  11. That's the funniest, cleverest thing I've heard for ages and soo true! Well done Snook!
  12. So who was this actress/character you were fascinated with?
  13. I,m pretty sure you could get it from a bakers like Greggs. Or have you tried the larger supermarkets like Asda or anywhere they have a bakery section?
  14. I agree - all the Picture loan adverts are appallingly bad. There's the annoying man being filmed by his wife on a camcorder - "How much did we want to borrow,tw tw twenty five thousand?" So you've just phoned up for a massive loan on a whim have you and not decided how much you're gonna borrow? Then there's the one with the Geordie woman whose idiot husband falls over her kids skateboard - "Really, that's brilliant that's much less than what we're paying now" Well it wouldn't be brilliant if it was more than you were paying would it? Oh God, then the one with the guy in a generic football strip. It annoys me that they try and make these people 'real'. In fact I hate all the mortgage/loan/insurance/compensation adverts. Loan adverts on in the day are especially bad though - I mean if you were out working a job instead of watchin TV then maybe you wouldn't need a massive loan. Oh one more - Bell insurance where the guy says 'zero no claims bonus' about 19 times in one minute. Grrrrrrr!!!!
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