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  1. We got referred to a specialist in Derby for advanced allergy tests, they tested for about 40-50 different things and all of them came back negative, thus we're no further forward In total I think the trip to Derby came to over £1000 for just the one visit including GA, the procedure itself, referral costs, subsequent medication etc. Raw is definitely the way to go There is no need at all for vegetables or rice, nor should raw meat be fed alongside kibble. As long as you were following the 80/10/10 ratio and the diet contained adequate bone, then anal glands should not pose a problem If you're on facebook, I'd recommend joining 'Raw Feeding UK', 'A.R.S.E ( A Raw Start Explained)' and 'Raw Feeding Rebels' for lots of helpful advice and informative files as to how to feed raw properly, to ensure a balanced diet with no deficiencies.
  2. We've been feeding raw for the last 5 years now and also get our supplies from Donna at Real Pet Grub. We have dogs, cats, ferrets and some of our exotics on the raw diet and all are thriving. Some of our rescue dogs came in poor condition, skin problems/terrible coat etc and thanks to raw, are now the picture of health. I have dogs ranging from 8kg to 68kg so for me, finding a high quality diet is vital to ensure nice, slow growth for my giants that won't affect their ultimate structure. Some vets aren't keen, but unless things have changed they only study a couple of hours on Nutrition, across the whole of their training. The lectures are of course presented by teams from Hills, or Royal Canin, so unless the vet actually has a specific interest in nutrition, they'll have been taught that raw is bad and only to recommend the above . If you're on Facebook, some fantastic groups to going are A.R.S.E (A Raw Start Explained) and Raw Feeding Rebels. They contain all the start up guides you could need, with nutritional analysis of the various meats, list of various supplement that can be used and their purposes e.g. coconut oil, turmeric and apple cider vinegar. The basic concept is that the diet needs to consist of 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% kidney/pancreas/other secreting organ (aka offal). Heart is classed as muscle meat, although is relatively rich and so shouldn't be fed in massive quantities until your dog is used to it, or you may have a bit of a runny bum to contend with . The benefits to their health and behaviour far outweigh any of the risks and I'm afraid I would not go back to feeding kibble, even if it was free - which believe me would save me a blooming fortune each month! ETA - vegetables are entirely optional but should be blitzed in a blender for the dog to be able to digest and utilise them properly. If fed whole, it won't cause the dog any problems but it will usually appear the same way in the poo the next day, as it did when you fed it the previous day Rice/pasta etc are unnecessary and defeat the object of a grain free diet, but if you have some left over from your own tea every once in a while, it won't do much harm
  3. I think Animal Crackers does (helenasq on here)
  4. I didn't even know a park existed just there.....I've learnt something new today It looks a pretty big area on google maps, will it be obvious where the dog show/stalls etc are for anybody new visiting the park?
  5. Whereabouts is the park please? Never heard of it before
  6. If there are any spare once the rescues have had their share, I'd really appreciate a few
  7. The cat handed in at Vets for pets was a neutered male, white splodge on nose and wearing no collar. No microchip found, but it has been known for them to migrate RIP little one
  8. I really hope it's not him, but I've heard from a neighbour that someone has laid a tabby and white cat on the grass banking, as you come up Greenhill Avenue on the left hand side. I'm out at the moment or would have gone to take the poor thing to be scanned for a chip:(
  9. Got 2-3 black sacks of raw meat/bones/offal/skin- needs to be gone tonight. My eyes were bigger than my rather large freezer and I can't fit it all in Asking £5 for the lot, or can split Collection from Meadowhead, S8.
  10. Hello there, There's no recent threads with feedback as to ringcraft classes, so was wondering if anyone could recommend a good one in Sheffield/Rotherham/Chesterfield please? Many thanks
  11. Have you tried contacting Whirlow Farm? I was there just over a week ago helping the farm manager to sort through the flock, deciding which ewes and lambs they were going to sell on
  12. Basing your experience of ONE cat and then labelling an entire breed as a menace/antisocial is ridiculous. My 2 bengals live happily alongside several other moggies, dogs and small animals and socialise well outside with the neighbours cats. It's like labelling the entire human race murderers, just because you were unfortunate enough to have had one living on the street. Unless of course, this is the very same individual living down the road?
  13. Hi there, Can anyone advise on a good source to obtain day old chicks from, as well as meal worms/crickets/mario worms etc from? Is there much difference quality wise, or is it pretty standard? Many thanks in advance
  14. Safe 4 - It's what most vets use for disinfection We use it for disinfecting indoor animal cages/enclosures and also for swilling down the back yard - fab stuff They have an offer on for today only, that if you buy a 5l container of disinfectant, you get another free. (From their Facebook page) Safe4 The Disinfectant Solution Don't forget to spread the word and tell your friends! TODAY ONLY - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ON ALL 5L DISINFECTANT incase you missed out on the deal before Christmas! Call us now on 08450062020 to ensure you take advantage of 2013's unbelievable opening offer!
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