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  1. Reason for Rehome / Sale Unfortunately we have to re home Dutch due to living in an apartment and my wife expecting our first child, we think he would be clumsy around a baby. Time Scale – How Urgent? a.s.a.p Sale Amount £0 free to good home Has the Dog been in Rescue No Location Oughtibridge, Sheffield Age & Sex Male and approx. 4 years old Breed/ Mix Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Black & White) KC Registered He is, i did get a certificate when we bought him but wouldn't know where it is now. Approximate size Medium Exercise Needed Yes, currently gets walked for 15-20 min each morning but we have no garden. Dutch loves being outside. Neutered & Micro chipped He is micro chipped but not neutered. Vaccinated & Wormed Fully Vaccinated and wormed. Live in / out Dutch lives inside, we both work so he is used to being on his own during the day and is fully house trained. Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals Never lived with any other animals. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Dutch had a hernia when he was a puppy that was removed. No other health issues. Temperament Good temperament, loving and friendly. Good or Bad with Children He loves children but may be better around older children as I think he would be clumsy around small babies. Dislike of Men or Women No. He loves people and wags his tail constantly and greats everyone that comes to the apartment with a big fuss and after he will sit in his bed happily chewing his bone and you wouldn't notice he was there. OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals He is very unsure on large dogs that will run over to him as he was attacked 3 times when he was younger so he is very on the defensive because of this. When he feels less threatened by a dog he would play all day with them. Travel OK in Car Yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time We both work so he is left during the day and is fully house trained. Destructive Behaviour He doesn't have any destructive behaviour. Barks No Pull on the lead Yes but not a lot, he does gets excited when its walkies time like most dogs, living in an apartment we don't have a garden so he is taken in the woods each morning, i feel that if he did have a garden he may not pull as much. He loves being outdoors. When walking Dutch he will sit calmly for other dogs to pass him while on his walk on or off the lead. He has been trained basic commands while out. Crate trained Yes he was crate trained when younger. Housetrained Yes fully housetrained. This has been a hard decision to make but we have no choice other than to hopefully find him a loving home. If you are interested please contact me. I will ask questions so be prepared as we want to ensure he goes to a suitable home so please don’t be offended by this. Please pm me if you are interested and i can email photographs of Dutch. Thank you James
  2. she is a young lady with blonde hair, not sure of the name of her company but she does a really good job:)
  3. hi , we had a lady make our wedding cake from high green, she was really nice and her cake decorating skills were amazing and she was a lot cheaper than most.she made us a cup cake wedding cake with a sponge at the top with the figurines on the top that were modelled on us, she even matched the wife's wedding dress and they looked just like us, all our family and friends use her now. my wife has her number in her phone so if you would like her number pm me and ill get it off her later when she comes home. if you like i could email you pics of our wedding cake so you can get an idea of her style, I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed
  4. it was last year,thanks for your efforts strix! ill send you the translated latin peace when i collect it tomorrow:) thanks james
  5. Thankyou to all the people who took time and effort to give me a serious reply. you are the people who give this forum a good name:). to all those that tried to be funny and waste a minute of my life reading your reply.... heres to you! EAT MY SHORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. hi, yeh i managed to track down a latin translater and they got back to me this afternoon with the good news that they had done it for me. thanks again for your time. kind regards james:)
  7. hi chris, thanks for the reply. I'm up for any help i can get, this is proving harder than i thought it would be. yes i understand with what you are saying about rephrasing, with the research i managed to do i thought that might become an issue. i like the sound of : to hope that our love grows....you should have written my vows:hihi:. thanks again for your time and effort, hope to hear from you soon. kind regards james
  8. i found some early threads from happy hippy and tried to find him because he looked the man for the job. then i found the threads that he had past away, he seemed a good person, its a shame.
  9. hi strix, your the only one who gives me hope:D
  10. Sometimes on here its hard to get strait answers. I'm not no numty:roll eyes:I've been having tats for 15 years,i havnt got no chinese symbols or anything like that. I've spent a lot of money on tattoos but now I'm really struggling to find the one thing i really need to get this tattoo. HAVING A NIGHTMARE!!!!! ill buy someone a drink if they come to me with latin history or they studied latin at uni, catch my drift!
  11. thanks for your efforts people but with what i researched a few of you came up with the same i did and after more research i know they are wrong. do any of you speak latin or is it what you have found on the net??? i need this to be right because it will be a tattoo so don't want any mistakes;) don't mean to sound blunt:D! I've seen threads with people who know and understand latin, WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE!!!!!! Again thanks for all your efforts and time:hihi::hihi:
  12. Hi all, I need help! I am wanting someone to help me translate the following in Latin : On this day two lives becoming one : 10th September 2011 : may our love grow stronger through the passing years. I've tried all the websites and im not sure, they say different things! So I would love some expert to help me. Many many thanks. James.
  13. Hi If you are having problems with your tv signal you can give me a call to discuss any problems. If I can't sort it over the phone with you, then I offer a free call out. Give me a call anytime on 07766256034 or 01142305211 Thanks James http://www.aboveallaerials.com
  14. Hi Put some information about the work been done on the emley moor transmitter on my website in the news section for people. Hope this helps you. james o7766256034 http://www.aboveallaerials.com
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