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  1. I couldn't beleive it at the weekend ... 2 hours parking on Saturday at multi story ... £6.00 - rip off
  2. They will have to go to the court first to get the bailiffs employed under a warrant of execution. The bailiffs will only be sent in after any first court hearing and payment arrangement is agreed ... then if that fails the court order is deemed failed and a warrant of execution is issued and bailiffs employed.
  3. Top end of Meersbrook Park ... excellent veiws day and night x
  4. Well said *Eater Sundae* Loving the user name by the way !!! lol
  5. I think it is getting worse and the years go on and will continue to do so. When I was a school child there were hardly any overweight (podgy, fat, tubby - however you want to put it) children around. We all played out at breaks and lunch time and ran our selves ragged, then played at the park in the evenings, after shcool activities all consisted of sport and you wouldn't dare take a note in to get out of PE. Now kids are far too into computer games and technology to do some good old fasioned playing and they eat far too much rubbish and parents are far too soft in letting them get away with it. There is no excuse for it, parents should be concerned and Tony is right ... it needs sorting out sooner rather than later and needs monitoring, there is no point in waiting until you are ill before doing somthing about it when prevention is a lot easier and cheaper than the cure. My personal belief is that we are in a lazy food culture and some people can't be bothered to cook a healthy meal choosing instead for a quick fix or a takeaway. I have just holiday'd in the UK for the first time in lord knows how many years and the number of kids, already overweight and in some cases obese, sitting eating, and in most cases stuffing their faces, with bag loads of sweets, chocolate and junk food made me feel very sad to be honest. It's not nice ... people think they are being kind by letting kids eat what they 'like' ... but in the long run it is everything but kind. It is unfair and only the kids will suffer.
  6. If this is sat inside the black bin, how are you supposed to put anything in the black bin as surely the blue box would be in the way ?
  7. Well said Captain !!! I love that pub ... it's great ... support your local guys xxx
  8. ... <removed> fun police arn't they !!!
  9. Why would they close it for having a smoking area and outside TV's ... it's not illegal !!!
  10. Why is it strange ... coincidence that this has been there since the smoking ban ??? Nope it is the smoking area - there is no back beer garden to the pub so this is the only place where a covered area could be put for smokers if it's wet and horrible outside. The TV's have pressumably been put there for the world cup ... good idea ... It was popular on Friday night ... not that the match was up to much !!! It's great pub too
  11. The standard 'Annual Booster' or the full course if first time and then Kennel Cough vaccination as a standard for most Kennels in order to make a booking .... However, it is always advisory to make sure Flea treatments and wormers are also done just before they go in to be extra safe. x
  12. Go Outdoors does them just off John Street
  13. Probably the Health and Safety police again spoiling kids fun. When I was a kids if somthing was broken you got on with it, fixed it as best you could, played on it or with it anyway and got on with it...... The 'Claim Culture' rears it's head once more !!!
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