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  1. Nearly 50% of car drivers are of below average intelligence.
  2. "The owner of the cycle shop that was a few shops passed the baths on Attercliffe Road was a member and I think his name was Murratt" This was Gem cycle shop.The son is Ted Murat who was in the Sheffield Sports CC in 1950s and still rides with the Sheffield district of CyclingUK.
  3. Alan Goodfellow at Wisewood in the 50s. He introduced O levels to secondary modern schools in Sheffield having previously been second master at City Grammar on Leopold St..
  4. When I was a Trainspotter in the 1950s Dore South Loop was known as Totley Cutting where we used to hope to see Beyer Garrets or ex LNWR 0-8-0s.
  5. There was one on the north side of the A57 between Wyming Brook and Hollow Meadows.Its site is now part of the nearby private property,It was used mainly by cyclists snd walkers
  6. My Dad,Alan Goodfellow, was the senior history master at City Grammar during the day, a special constable in the evenings ,and at the weekend was in the Air Training Corps improving the education of boys being prepared for the RAF.
  7. I started playing mabs when I went to Sharrow Lane Juniors in 1946 aged 7+. I can't remember where my first marbles came from, probably a pack of a dozen bought from Allott's newsagents. All the terminology alluded to in the original post was familiar to me. I was it seems quite skillful, playing in the schoolyard behind the toilet block, and on the cobbles of Franklin Street. By the time I left for King Teds after 11+ I had amassed over 800 mabs, which I gave to my mother, then a teacher in the Junior school. to distribute amongst her pupils. Happy days!
  8. In 1942 I lived on Langsett Avenue and gathered clay from grave diggings in Wadsley Churchyard to make my touch burner which was fuelled by cotton rags. We had a house cleaner called Mrs Hague during my mother's pregnancy with my sister and her husband who worked in a brickworks made me a brick touchburner complete with a working chimney.
  9. As a 15 year old in the early 50s I used the family hob when nailing shoeplates to my newly acquired cycling shoes. Years later I inherited the hob,but it disappeared during a subsequent house move.
  10. Was this the shop that became Tony Butterworth cycles on Catch Bar Lane ?
  11. Any memories.I visited a couple of times in the mid 50s.
  12. My cousin Roger Jones was a buyer/sales agent or manager for that company in the 50s and 60s.
  13. In 1974 I was a doctor who lived in Highley,Shropshire which was Leslie Whittle's home.Her father Ron owned the local bus company,Whittles Coaches.The village GP was pretty useless so Ron and his family persuaded me to become their private GP.I treated Lesley as a teenager on at least 2 occasions.When she went missing the police wanted to search every house and outbuilding in the village. Of the 4000 or so population there was only one objector-the methodist minister who made himself even more unpopular than he already was.He turned out to be blameless although he was the unofficial village layer-out of the dead which had obviously led to dark deed speculation. On a separate note my first news memory was King George VI opening Ladybower reservoir.
  14. Buses with outside rear staircases on the Nether Edge route in 1946/7.I was told they were borrowed from Halifax.
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