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  1. You can get to graves through gate on long lane that my mum and dad use
  2. Petes ant got many frames to choose from Momento has 10 times more frames to choose from
  3. Momento down Attercliffe excellent service and price, petes at ecco is rubbish and over priced
  4. oh right, so they've put a price in to do the job and are guaranteeing the work for the next 25 years ? what if they go bust ?
  5. they resurfaced whitley lane at grenoside in December and less than two weeks later two potholes had appeared at the bottom of the lane, they have only just filled them in within the last two weeks, where are the independent inspectors ? ive got a feeling this lot is going to cost us big time very shortly and no one will be answerable for it as usual.
  6. Can you delete this thread please as he has gone to a reptile shop where I know he will be looked after
  7. Reason for Rehome / Sale Time Scale – How Urgent? Sale Amount Location Age & Sex Breed/ Mix Approximate size now and full grown size Viv size needed Micro chipped/ Breeders paperwork Vaccinated & Wormed Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Temperament/Any handling issues Beginners reptile, moderate or experienced only Easy to feed Live/dead food herbivore/omnivore/carnivore/insectivore Good or Bad with Children Dislike of Men or Women Destructive Behaviour General information that you can share Red footed tortoise needs forever home in animal sanctuary if possible please he's ten years old and eats baby mice.
  8. Yeah I've got quite a few of the poundland ones but there no good for presentation
  9. Can anyone tell me where to buy cup cake boxes that hold 12 or 24 cup cakes cheapest place so far is home bargains 90p
  10. Has anyone got a phone number for them please
  11. Injured black male cat taken to vets now PDSA , found in Southey green road 07824380473
  12. I second mick Carl mi dad's mate from British steel lovely man
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