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  1. Be careful, they may well sue you for that comment!
  2. I said pre Derby game that our home games could be enough to keep us up and anything we get away would be a bonus. I legislated for 4 points v Derby and Watford which we got and wins v Bristol City and Palace and a draw v Pigs. With the 2 bonus points away v Coventry and today at QPR that would see us safe. Either way it's going to be v close and I would be amazed if there is nothing riding on the last game.
  3. They accuse us of living in the past. Only they do when it suits them. 84 years.
  4. I was at that game too al. Promotion season, John Toshack scored a spectacular own goal.
  5. Some of United fans on here just come accross like a younger smaller brother that throws a paddy every time the older bigger brother gets something they want. Despite being a passionate Wednesday fan I try and remain objective but sadly for the decent United fans a way too sizeable chunk of the trophy dodgers support come accross as being very bitter. Hillsborough meets more FIFA criteria apparently. End of. Deal with it.
  6. Or maybe it's because Hillsborough has a proven track record of hosting such events in 1966 and 1996 and currently meets more of the FIFA requirements than the sty. There is some bitter pork and laughable excuses on here at the moment. Its OK for some pigs to spout off about how Hillsborough is a so called "rust bucket" so don't get all upset when Wednesday fans may just want to defend it. Hillsborough 3 Sty 0 1966 1996 2018
  7. Well there is one here and a nearly all my Wednesday fan mates and family who thought Jeffers was a shocking buy from day one. I used to despair at an element of our fan base that used to make excuses for him. As for Laws. Done a great job inder difficult circs but 3 years is a relatively decent amount of time for any manager at Champ level these days. This season he got more wrong than right. Purse and Miller signings. Under using Esasjas. Constantly makin JJ a scapegoat. Starting the season with Jeffers but worst of all (and not one fan on here as ever mentioned it) playing a JOC IN FRONT of Potter in central midfield. How many managers play their ball winner/tackler in JOC mould if front of a better passer/shooter in Potter who at times as played on toes of our back four? You need an enforcer to protect back four esp in Champ, the likes of Mahon, Montgomery and last season Carsley at Birmingham are good at this. Why on earth Laws thought Potter could play this role is beyond me. Although the back four have under performed to a degree they have had little or no protection way too often. At Prem level you Massacherno/Gerrard and Essien/Lampard. Getting this wrong has affected the entire structure of the team and it's spread like a cancer throuhgout it. Add to the fact we are now in the bottom 3 it's understandable Laws was sacked. I have defended Laws at times in the past but he had to go. Nice guy who has done a good job but it's time for change. Finally, for anyone uses the old "we have no money" line. It is true to a degree but our wage bill isn't the 3rd worst in the league and at the moment the table (whch doesn't lie) sees us as the 3rd worst team and one that hasn't won in 9 and hasn't scored in 5. Managers have been sacked for less before. LS had to make a decison. He has done it and should be appluaded for it. Let's see what Saturday brings. I maybe proved wrong but under my old team mate SM I predict a much improved performance and a win. UTO
  8. He forgots to track back?? You must be watching a different player to me then Corker. "Appearing" to go out of the game for long spells can just be the nature of been a wide player. Not sure I agree he only has 1 good game in 5 either. As for his contribution to the team, to reiterate he is 2nd leading goal scorer and is a clearly our best outlet pace wise. Dont have the assists to hand. Looks like we will have to agree to differ on this one mate. We're all Wednesday aren't we?
  9. He also wont improve if he don't encourage him and focus on what he is good at. Also, fans (most of which haven't even played the game within a million miles of pro level) nit picking and been over critical wont help either. How many times does JJ pick the ball up commit 2 or 3 defenders with his pace and then wins a free kick/throw in 30/40 yards nearer the opponents goal? That is "utilising" his pace. Not obvious to some fans who expect the perfect pass or final ball every time. He has scored 4 this season. As for Whittingham, what sort of money will be on compared to JJ?
  10. So, he can play up top as well then! You made a point of saying he "needs to have some shooting practice". Possibly but the fact is he is our 2nd leading goal scorer so far this season. What's that say about the rest of our squad? Hence my point generally, despite his obvious short comings JJ is over criticised. For a mid table Championship club I would rather have him in our line up than against it. We clearly have two talented but inconsistant wingers with Esasjas as well and Laws is trying to get the best out of them and should be appluaded for it. Lets look at what JJ does and not focus too much on what he doesn't do and hope he can improve in the meantime.
  11. 2nd leading goal scoring this season and a wide man for the most part.
  12. I am glad he has signed an extension. He is eratic at times and the final product isn't always what it should. That said, he is a threat and one of the few players we have with genuine pace who commits opposition players and can be a good outlet at times. He is over critcised as much as he under performs at times.
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