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  1. Having spent alot of time looking around last year, I discovered that all the shops were over priced; for things like clothes there's loads of choice but for bigger items I would recommend shopping on line. I recently bought a new pram from http://www.kiddicare.com; the prices, choices and service was excellent. I also got a nursing chair from ebay. The cot that I bought was from Ikea.
  2. You can get an emergency supply from your usual chemist; they supply you with the drug at the normal charge of the script then you give them your script as soon as you get it from the docs. Going to your usual chemist is best as they should already have all of your med details on the computer. However; you shouldn't have to do that; the GP and reception staff have a responsibility to make sure you have your meds; they have to let you have a script if you run out; and at the very least should offer for the GP to phone you (the GP will then print out and sign a script). It’s disgusting that they'll let you risk having an attack, and no doubt against all legal guidelines.
  3. Fact; NOT ALL motorcyclist are the same, some are wonderful and pay attention to the road etc as they should; However I believe these are a minority; most of the motor cyclist I encounter are idiots who expect me to have eyes in the back of my head!!!! They do cross white lines, they do suddenly appear at the side of me, they do suddenly jump in front of my moving car, they do suddenly appear from nowhere (and this is not due to me not paying attention it is due to them ducking and weaving out of the traffic at all speeds). No matter how much attention we pay to the roads and traffic around us, you can not do ten things at once, and that is why there are accidents, I can’t look in every direction at the same time. Motorcyclist need to take responsibility for there own actions for a change. It cuts both ways they should have to pay attention to me just as much as I do to them, but no; the responsibility always comes down to the person in the car. I always remember that advert on TV; now you see him, now you don't;Telling me to be aware of them, how can you be when they appear out of nowhere; the advert should have been aimed at bikers and telling them not to risk their lives and everyone else’s by overtaking because they can't be bothered to go at the speed limit.
  4. Eventually I've remembered to put the link on! http://planningdocs.sheffield.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=DC&appNumber=06/02638/FUL Update; Letters of our concerns have been printed in the star and look local (our local news paper). There was also an article in the star (along with a photos of angry residents). A petition has been filled out amongst our neigbours (as well as the individual letters we have all sent in) and there has also been an online petition; so thats about 200 signitures in total; we also have the support of our mayor. All of this, has now been sent to the council just in time for the deadline! Thanks for eveyones support!
  5. This is a six story plan; does that mean that if it gets knocked back it will become a 5 story? That’s just a total joke; It says that the eaves of our house will be in line with the fourth floor; I’m not gonna have any view of anything decent; the plans look like they are gonna build something that resembles parkhill flats! I love Stocksbridge and I love the views I get out of my windows; why does someone’s greed go before everything else. I have a feeling money talks louder than objections; and that no one will take any notice of the letters we send. Our houses are quaint traditional looking houses these 'apartments' are going to lower the standards of the area and take away part of Stocksbridges beauty. freelikeme; the development is for the disused Corus car park on Manc road near the fire station. Skatiechik – where abouts are the developments you mention? How long have you been waiting for a reply? Almost sounds like the same development!
  6. Have looked at the plans online; funny tho how on the plans it looks like a huge area of land with loads of space and in reality.......its not that big! need to have a proper look at them.
  7. I received a letter this morning stating that there is a plan to build 45 apartments on some disused land behind my house; the land is not that huge so they are proposing to have these apartment 6 floors high (this includes the roof space); they are proposing to do this in two blocks; and have room for car parking; I don't object to new builds but I am very concerned about the proposed size of the buildings; 6 floors will seriously block my light. I am lodging a complaint but wondered if anyone knew where I stand with this?
  8. It was still there at around 8.30; real radio mentioned to avoid the road until it was sorted; thats all I know!
  9. My brother in law had some done there; they are nice but not worth the money they paid (can't remember exactly how much). I wouldn't say the pics were anything special. They were on a white background and the photograph was taken at an angle. I did however go to a wedding last week and the photographer there was handing out business cards; the prices were reasonable and I have looked at some of the brides wedding shots afterwards; and they are fantastic and very original. He said he does all sorts of photography; here's the web address; http://www.synaesthetic.co.uk Good Luck
  10. Think the point is being lost here, stop digging at me and stick to the issue!
  11. What a stupid comment, of course I'm greatful i did see it, I am worried about those that haven't! I was merely saying the media should be used to its full potential for something like this. They need informing by someone that has all the facts not somebody who has read someone else's comments on a forum!
  12. I know that there was an article in the star but not everyone reads that, shouldn't there be some better sort of warning system, such as on the news (radio or TV). This is about our childrens safety and this is the first time i've heard anything about this! People cannot be expected to rely on a chance reading in the sheffield forum for this sort of informatoin!
  13. I am absolutely sick to death of bad drivers. I was driving along earlier and some *#$# decided to cut lanes with no warning, or indication, he just thought ‘oh I’m in the wrong lane, I’ll move over, sod everyone else’. Now normally I'm quite a calm person but he did this blatantly, I understand some people genuinely lack attention span, but this guy, just thought he was superior because he had a stupidly over sized vehicle! Luckily I saw what he was doing just before he took away the front of my car (literally), so what do I do, I beep at him, and he replies by beeping back and slamming on his breaks to try and make me crash into him again, like I said I know people make mistakes and most, when they are genuine make apologies, but he was just conceited. So if you see a youngish white guy in a black massive 4x4 - XXXXXXX (needed due to the huge numbers of cattle you see in Sheffield centre!) keep away from him as he is likely to damage you and your car, (and in my case my 5 month old unborn child)! And if the bloke in question reads this, I hope that in future your actions only cause you harm and not the innocent ones others around you!
  14. City school - left in 1996 My bloke also went to waltheof at around the time of the school burning down, he actually lost some of his GCSE work in the flames! He's still bitter about it!
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