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  1. Thank you for your replies. I am new to this and therefore put 18/24 month just as I know thats is what most loan companies offer ideally I would like to and belive I could pay it off alot quicker than the time stated. I have contacted the wholesalers to see if I can have credit and do it that way but unfortunately the wholesaler I will use doesnt offer this facility. A good idea would be for me to get bits at a time and build it up that way I think thats what I may have to do just wanted to turn this around quickly so thought id ask for advice. I made people aware of the situation about my credit history as I wanted to be honest from the get go. Thanks for your advise.
  2. Hi I have a great business idea and already have over £1000.00 in orders, these are mainly through a facebook page I have set up. I set this page up to see how well it would do and its taken off really well. I am looking for £3000 to buy the stock I need, I would be selling online and delivering my items and also doing markets. I am already registered self employed and have signed up for the markets the only thing holding me back is the stock. I have tried loan companies, start up loans, credit unions etc but due to a poor credit history previously I am unable to seek credit and unfortunately do not have a guarantor. Can anybody recommend a company/person who would be willing to loan the money for a period of 18/24 months I would be willing to pay back £4500 so they would make £1500 profit from this. It needs to be a company/person that is not going to look at my credit history and look at the business idea and believe in me. I am hard working and dedicated and just need that one company/person to believe in me. I am looking for the funding asap as this now will be a very busy time for me, and to enable me to process the orders I have already obtained. Many Thanks
  3. Hi all The sun paper print a voucher for 3 days free camping at flamingo land that expires on the 14th July 15, all you pay for is admission to the park. We are going camping in August and im sure they print these vouchers again for August? Does anyone know for certain if they do or if there is anyway of me finding out if/when they will be in any newspaper? Thanks
  4. Hi I am wanting 75 white chair covers and 75 royal blue sash over the chair in a bow. It would be for 22nd May 2015, please can you pm me with prices for hire and if there is a bond to pay. Thanks
  5. Hi I am looking for a photographer for my friends wedding on the 22nd May 2015. Please can you pm me with prices for full days and half days and what is included. Many thanks
  6. Hi I am looking for a mobile make up artist for my friends wedding next year. It would be to do the brides make up, the maid of honour and 3 bridesmaids can you please pm me with prices and are you able to do a free trial run on the bride to show her how it would look. Thanks
  7. Can anyone recommend a good driving instructor or crash course company. I am 24 and haven't drove for about 4 years now. I started driving when I was 17 but failed my test a couple of times and just gave up (Wish I hadn't now) I am quite nervous about getting back behind the wheel but I know that once I get back into it ill be fine. I was thinking about doing a crash course and Ive looked up a few on the internet were they say guaranteed pass, unlimited tests (probably some catch) however I just wondered if anyone on here has used a crash course company and if you recommend it? Also if anyone knows a good driving instructor that is friendly as I am quite nervous. Thanks
  8. Thanks for all your comments guys... but im not looking for people to pass judgement just simple asking if anyone knows of a loan shark or private lender that helps people with a poor credit history.
  9. No, the debts I have I am just paying interest every month, If I can get a lump sum of money then I can pay them all off and just have the £1500 to repay
  10. Morning I need a £1500.00 loan... I have bad credit from my past and cant get credit anywhere. I don't have family that can help me i'm not looking for people to comment saying I don't need a loan etc. If you can help me or know of a private loan shark please can you private message me. I'm looking for £1500.00 for 24 months. The reason I am wanting this is to consolidate my debts so I have one monthly payment. Thanks guys
  11. Hi Just a quick question regarding direct debits. If some money is due to come out of your account by direct debit and there isn't enough money, do they bank pay it or return the direct debit unpaid? Also if there isn't sufficient money do they try for a lower amount? Also sorry about all the questions, how many times is a direct debit tried? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hi Does anyone know were there is a good spiritualist? How much they are and what days they are on? Thanks
  13. Thanks guys this is a real help. I have cancelled my card so they can't take anything. I know it was stupid to do but they really scared me. They called me again earlier, I said to them you can't enter my parents property and takes things they said yes we can I told them I had seeked legal advice and they just said so can you pay the 231 now? I told them I was willing to make an arrangement they said no we will just call to your house if you don't pay, then they put the phone down!! Like you have said they are probably empty threats but yesterday I was so scared I just didn't know what to do. It's now 7.15pm and no-one has come. I'm sat on my bedroom and everytime I hear a car I run to window last thing I want is mum or dad answering door :/ Thanks for the advise guys think I need to man up lol
  14. Hi I had a pay day loan with a company ages ago that I thought id paid off, however it was passed to a debt collection company who got in touch with me yesterday. They were very nasty on the phone and demanded I paid £231.00 there and then or they would come to my house with a locksmith (the house is not mine its my parents and its bought) I was so scared I gave him my card details and said I would try and pay today, they have called me today and said the same 'well cant you just sell something in your house' I said look I will pay it I jus cant afford i all at once, he said well ill have to come to your house then! Can they do this i am scared of going home. Any help will be appreciated.
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