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  1. Is that what it was? I didn't know that. What year did we move from there?
  2. Haha I'll give you that. It's Worksop though, they just mess it up lol.
  3. Worksop is a **** hole, pure and simple. A quick wonder through the town centre will reveal a lot, it's a nightmare and drug addicts are 10 a penny ready to cause problems and trouble. It also has a very poor selection of shops (of which I sadly have to venture to later today), I'd say the only thing it has going for it is that it doesn't have a McDonald's, KFC, Burger King or Pizza Hut in the middle of it. They've made numerous attempts to make the place better, like building the Savoy cinema on the markets and putting the market down the main pedestrian street and then up the hill towards the old market area and they changed the Priory precinct, and build some newer parts to it but you can't polish a turd, you just get **** on your hands. I will agree that some of the villages outside of Worksop are nice though, I live in one of them.
  4. It's slightly more complicated than that.
  5. We have only Stagecoach buses out this way and a good deal of the ones on our route are from Sheffield (according to the website the 77 Chesterfield bus are run by Stagecoach South Yorkshire which you're led to believe the buses are actually Sheffield based and Stagecoach East Midlands). If you get on with the incorrect change and the bus driver cannot give you the correct change in return, it's rounded up to what he can give you and you're given another ticket called a change voucher. It's happened to me a few times but I have no idea what use they are or what you're supposed to do with them because the driver just said give it to the driver of the next bus you get on and I'm yet to find a driver who'll take it.
  6. Google "Tor project" and download that, that'll help you.
  7. I live a few minutes from Clowne and was in Clowne at the time heading towards Chesterfield to college. It was a nightmare and then there was a crash on one of the main routes through there blocking us up a bit more. Ended up giving up on getting to college for 5.
  8. It was true earlier. Car transporter was on fire, it shut the section between J30 and J31 and made the roads horrendous over this way.
  9. So glad you cleared that up, I was scratching my head as to how you ended up at my neck of the woods from Bradfield and Langsett.
  10. My Great Uncle Billy was killed in service in 1940, his grave is in Burngreave Cemetery. Sadly his grave is just a patch of grass, no headstone in place or anything, but there is one of those white headstones elsewhere in the cemetery for him along with a few others where the war memorial/garden of remembrance is.
  11. Creswell Crags is usually good, there's activities for the kids too.
  12. He was out last night in Clowne before heading off down to Creswell, my Facebook newsfeed was covered with posts about it. Haven't seen him in Whitwell though but if I do I'll chase after him for an interview for Elastic FM lol.
  13. Ever thought that some of these might not be for Christmas but actually for Diwali?
  14. Why will it cause the other schools to become more crowded?
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