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  1. whats going off in gleadless police ambulances and helichopter out
  2. i am a snow warden and i have been out cleaning my road on farmstead close and thecare homes oppersit me we dont get anything for it i do that and work full time as well
  3. i am a snow warden from sheffield gleadless and i have been out since 7 am this morning cleaning snow from paths and roads that lead up to the care homes
  4. hi ther i am was born in london and move to sheffield about seven years ago and i love sheffield and would never move back to london sheffield people are great and really cool people and i love it up here and i agree it is two different place s
  5. i have and it wont be long before we are like that soon if we dont change
  6. i dont know but anything has to be better than what we got at mo he dont care about united no more
  7. yes i am getting very worried and theres no anwsers from the board i think its time to get them out and i think we all should do a protest before all our home games and after the games to get kevin mccabe out of united if this carries on we will be down we are in big trouble and every fan should play their part and get kevin out of the club
  8. gary speed has got to go now before it gets any worst and we go down we need a better manger
  9. i live five mintes from newfield green shops and totally dis agree i think gleadless is anice area and is not a poor area there are far worst areas then gleadless and yes there are teenager mums but i think ya will fnd that is happening every where now days not just here so people should stop running down gleadless
  10. i have put it on my face book as well hope she is found safe and well
  11. hi there my names terry am 33 and play in midfield and also can play at right back postion and want to get back in to my football use to play at pits but i like 11 a side more not bad player so hope you can give me a try
  12. i am with priorty care i have been with them for two weeks now and they are great and friendy give them a try
  13. hi there am intreasted and i play midfield also can play rb and i live in gleadless and i am very intreased so let me know when the first traing session is
  14. hi there am 33 live in gleadless and looking for a 11 aside football team to play for am not a bad footballer and want to get back to playing again as i love my football and miss playing either saturdays or sundays or even both so if ya can help let me know cheers
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