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  1. I'm guessing you mean the animated SMS view on Samsung phones? I like the 'going to sleep' one
  2. The pubs in and around Neepsend (Hillsborough Hotel, Gardeners Rest, The Riverside, etc) have a variety of blues, folk and other music on quite a bit. You can also try ItchySheffield and Gigwise for other possibilities.
  3. That's not a bad idea, thanks edit: looks like the Dog and Partridge may have it. Hooray!
  4. Hi all, Does anybody know if there are any pubs in Sheffield showing the Werder Bremen vs. Celta Vigo match on Thursday? Ta, SM
  5. Just had a call from the wife who's presently stuck on Netherthorpe Road and has been for an hour; there is a broken down car in the right hand lane going up toward the roundabout. Just another one on the list, eh? Beck2006: yesterday it took me an hour on the bus to get from Hunters Bar to Arundel Gate. I expect it will be similar today.
  6. I give my receipts a cursory check in Tesco, Asda, etc. but if I have occassion to go to Morissons (e.g. especially good BOGOF) then I check my receipt and sell by dates VERY carefully. Morissons is the only supermarket that I've bought food from that's already mouldy in the tin and yet still within sell by. I think the last time I went there Findus Crispy Pancakes were on 2 for a quid or something amazing, so worth the risk
  7. I don't want to cause a flame war or anything, but gpsy did state that the photo had been cropped. What on earth is the point of this little tirade?
  8. I do wonder how many people see Christmas as a religious holiday anyway. Certainly many people I know would be annoyed at being deprived of their Christmas holiday even though they're not a bit religious.
  9. MMmmmm jelly belly When I went to DC on a business trip recently, I bought $15 of Jelly Belly in duty free - my secret sweety confession I just wish he wouldn't keep referring to the raw jelly bean material as 'flavoured slurry'...
  10. While I agree with this sentiment, it is rather off topic as a) he wasn't driving on the road, b) the article says that the quad was road legal
  11. Considering that Kit-Kats are wafer covered in chocolate, and in consist of no biscuit what-so-ever, I'll have to go with chocolate bar
  12. <sarcasm>Yeah, the protestants and catholics I know have a habit of randomly saying 'Jesus is a c***'. It's one of those buzz-phrases, like the Lord's Prayer.</sarcasm> Or perhaps you were being funny and I didn't get it? I dunno.
  13. Sounds like an almost appropriate name I sympathise with your plight. There's nowt worse than being given the run-a-round trying to get something fixed that should have just been done right in the first place.
  14. My wife is 1st generation British, so I know what you mean. This kind of thing is just adding wood to the fire ...
  15. And people wonder why Muslims are viewed negatively by much of the population. Multiculturalism is one thing, but bowing to every whim of the Muslim council or one of its members is just ridiculous. It's not a 'sensitivity' issue, it's a 'quit yer whining' issue - if a British person had complained that the cones were offensive they would have been told to get over it! Each time I hear a story like this (a lot, these days) it sounds more like the British government is the tardy servent boy being reprimanded by his stern master, the Muslim Council ... I'm sure I'll get flamed by the anti-BNP lot (I don't support the BNP, by the way), but that's just what it feels like these days ...
  16. If the week in question was worked under the old contract, then they cannot withhold pay. However, they are within their rights to simply not employ him anymore, provided that he was notified of the contract change in a suitable amount of time (90 days, usually).
  17. They probably paid £26million to EDS to build a fantastic computer system that sends summons if the balance is not 0 ...
  18. Erm, yes ... That's exactly what i was saying - a decision to act based on stimulus is a 'reaction'. However, that decision is not conscious. The conscious then reconciles that decision after the fact. This is widely known. However, the examples are nonsensical. If I decide to go to the shops, do I not decide that until after I do it? Or if I decide to make a cup of tea? Or reply to a post? The answer is no. This particular facet of human conscious only relates to those decisions made WITHOUT conscious thought that are subsequently rationalised. A better example might be this: In either of those situations, the concious mind was probably not thinking about holding the door. However, faced with that situation, some people would do the former, and some would do the latter. This behaviour would then be rationalised as 'unkind' or 'kind' based on conscious analysis of the situation. However, this in no ways proves that we are somehow living '500ms behind reality', but rather that some of the behaviour of the 'human animal' is not defined by conscious decision making, but by instinct and training. The little old lady getting smacked in the face was not 'predestined'; it was just a consequence of the carelessness of an individual.
  19. Before the discussion goes on much further, can we kill this silly idea? The concept being discussed in relating to your reaction to an event being almost instantaneous, and your conscious reconciliation of that event being 500ms behind reality. For instance, if somebody points a gun at you, you duck. Do you have to sit and consciously wait for it to register before you look at the options, then decide that, out of the options availa... BANG! you're dead. No decision process is required to react, but you do reconcile that and decide it was the right thing to do AFTER the fact. What you have just described is completely different. If I read your post, I may decide to reply. Only then do I actually go through the motions and hit reply. It's not a conscious thought process to click 'Quote' because I've done it loads of times, and so I do, but the decision to do that preceded the action. At no point do I suddenly realise that my right arm has, quite by its own volition, clicked 'Quote' and started typing a reply.
  20. In what way does hope fit in with your described theory? You have already stated that "you already know what is going to happen and because of this you take the steps to ensure that it does", but clearly that cannot be the case if hope exists at all. I'm afraid that, whatever the "driving force" behind the universe, your arguments so far have been self-contradictory by switching between two viewpoints, one inside the system and one out. If there are, as you suggest, thousands of outcomes and you 'choose' the right one, and yet you have no free will and cannot really choose at all, then are there really other outcomes? Would these other outcomes exist if the one that is taken is predetermined? In response to "Solip... wha?", read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solipsism
  21. In that case, I shall put it down to individual experience. When I was renting a house from SYHA, they were considerate, courteous and extended various measures to sort things out for me. They were also very prompt when it came to repairs and maintenance. It is a shame that your experience is so negative The alternative is to redevelop and rejuvinate the area, and then NOT sell it on as private residences, surely? My point was more to do with the plan to sell the whole thing off to private developers than the plans to do it up at all.
  22. My only concern with redevlopment of Park Hill as luxury private flats is this: what happens to the residents who cannot afford a luxury private flat? There are hundreds of people living in Park Hill, and they will need to live somewhere. Once again, the council's "get-rid-of-all-council-houses" policy and "get-as-much-money-as-we-can" policy has led to an avenue of thinking that could end up with the city in a very bad state. What to do about it? Not sure. Previous redevelopment plans of estates has resulted in very nice looking, but unpleasant to be around places (e.g. Philadelphia, nee Kelvin). To be honest, the housing associations seem to look after the tenants a lot better than the council does, but that comes at the cost of higher rents. If the council didn't control the rented properties, would they be as willing to hand out housing benefits? It's a horrible situation at the moment, and the continued 'redevelopment' (read; selling off to the highest bidder) of large chunks of the city to make yet more luxury apartments is only making it worse. Just my 2p.
  23. Dragon, you appear to be largely describing solipsism (the view confining reality to oneself and one's experiences) which can, in extreme cases, be a very destructive and lonely philosophy. However, in the quote above, you mention learning. How can you 'discover' anything in a predetermined, solipsistic state? You can only be told. This question appears to arise: who did the predetermination? My own viewpoint? Putting things down to fate or predetermination is a very handy was to sidestep responsibility for your own actions or responsibilities... but that's just me. I see that I differ from most of the forum in this opinion (at least, the part of the forum vocal on this topic). Cyclone: I can't remember where I read it, but one thought that has stuck with me is this: "Anyone living entirely within a system (e.g. 'reality') cannot possibly comprehend the system", or, to put it another way "A man who no more knows his destiny than a tea leaf knows the history of the East India company."
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