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  1. I'm guessing you mean the animated SMS view on Samsung phones? I like the 'going to sleep' one
  2. The pubs in and around Neepsend (Hillsborough Hotel, Gardeners Rest, The Riverside, etc) have a variety of blues, folk and other music on quite a bit. You can also try ItchySheffield and Gigwise for other possibilities.
  3. That's not a bad idea, thanks edit: looks like the Dog and Partridge may have it. Hooray!
  4. Hi all, Does anybody know if there are any pubs in Sheffield showing the Werder Bremen vs. Celta Vigo match on Thursday? Ta, SM
  5. Just had a call from the wife who's presently stuck on Netherthorpe Road and has been for an hour; there is a broken down car in the right hand lane going up toward the roundabout. Just another one on the list, eh? Beck2006: yesterday it took me an hour on the bus to get from Hunters Bar to Arundel Gate. I expect it will be similar today.
  6. I give my receipts a cursory check in Tesco, Asda, etc. but if I have occassion to go to Morissons (e.g. especially good BOGOF) then I check my receipt and sell by dates VERY carefully. Morissons is the only supermarket that I've bought food from that's already mouldy in the tin and yet still within sell by. I think the last time I went there Findus Crispy Pancakes were on 2 for a quid or something amazing, so worth the risk
  7. I don't want to cause a flame war or anything, but gpsy did state that the photo had been cropped. What on earth is the point of this little tirade?
  8. I do wonder how many people see Christmas as a religious holiday anyway. Certainly many people I know would be annoyed at being deprived of their Christmas holiday even though they're not a bit religious.
  9. MMmmmm jelly belly When I went to DC on a business trip recently, I bought $15 of Jelly Belly in duty free - my secret sweety confession I just wish he wouldn't keep referring to the raw jelly bean material as 'flavoured slurry'...
  10. While I agree with this sentiment, it is rather off topic as a) he wasn't driving on the road, b) the article says that the quad was road legal
  11. Considering that Kit-Kats are wafer covered in chocolate, and in consist of no biscuit what-so-ever, I'll have to go with chocolate bar
  12. <sarcasm>Yeah, the protestants and catholics I know have a habit of randomly saying 'Jesus is a c***'. It's one of those buzz-phrases, like the Lord's Prayer.</sarcasm> Or perhaps you were being funny and I didn't get it? I dunno.
  13. Sounds like an almost appropriate name I sympathise with your plight. There's nowt worse than being given the run-a-round trying to get something fixed that should have just been done right in the first place.
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