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  1. My corsa 07 plate. Only 52'00 miles SXI well looked after may i add! My head gasket went last week. Cost a small fortune to get her back on the road, but now I am paranoid aabout driving her! Please help me understand if my car is safe to go anywhere?I would also like a comprehensive breakdown of what happened to my car? And maybe why. I have looked after that engine! Cheers Julie
  2. Are there any buses running to and from Stocksbridge do we know please?
  3. but its not an emergency, just some buggars playing funny buggars!! got to say tho after night by night there starting to get me down a bit!
  4. cheers sweets but its every night grrrrr!!!! am knackered!!!
  5. Are you listening all night possibly to people (I think theres 2) running about the stairs at Ventnor Court? I've been very patient in the past but now after weeks of disrupted sleep am getting quite annoyed! What can I do? Confrontation is not an option as I live alone, but I have to say am getting quite frightened in my own home! These nuts are doing this almost every night now!
  6. On a lighter note Waitrose petrol has dropped by 2p per litre!
  7. just been for a pleasant walk in Ecclesall Woods and am rather disgusted by dog walkers bagging their dogs muck only to then dump the bagged muck tied to trees,on tree stumps etc- Right this is not rockets science, you've already done the hard part! So take it home or pop said muck in the bins provided! See SIMPLE!!!!!
  8. Thanks to you for your advice, i am now certain its to be 2 boys! My rat i had years ago had cancer too and even after her op it too came back and likeyou left me upset, so thanks again for advice! jules
  9. I am currently seeking advice from you guys who own a love our rodent friends! Some years ago i had a female rat,adored her! Am getting the urge to own more but are male rats more tame than female as am thinking of getting 2 young gentlemen? Advice is very welcome! Avid Rat fan x
  10. just to let you unsuspecting and quite trusting Sheffield folk to be awear of buying second hand cars!! I just not 3 months ago stupidly handed over my hard earned for a car to be ripped off, my own fault i know but being the ever so rusting person!! As i say my own fault but please all you buying a used car, follow the correct proceadures in doing so! I bought a 3 year old car its just gone for its MOT and may cost me hundreds in putting right the wrong it shouldnt have at that cars age! My fault- is wanting to make you all waery and no so trusting! I actually hang my head in shame for being too trusting!! Make my shame your inquisitiveness!
  11. Saw some people leaving the place on Abbydale road (right hand side) where they sometimes have the miniature steam trains, are they up and running for bank holiday monday? And does anyone know the opening and closing times?
  12. yes all sounds good fun! just been up for a browse, have the nephew for a few days, he loves them boats!! going to be getting some peace while he's on them tomorrow!
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