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  1. just wondered what its like? what kind of price? do you have to take your own wine and do you have to book a table? thanks.
  2. the dove and rainbow is a really good real ale pub with good selection of beers from local brewarys changing all the time. with hobgobling and easy rider on permanantly. with live bands and djs on weekends. check it out. its just behind bankers draft in heartshead square.
  3. does anyone know the opening and closing times for the ecclesfield one please.
  4. you colud also try the dove and rainbow on hartshead square just behind bankers draft.
  5. hi. does anyone know what its like in westfield now. am thinking of moving there and want to know before i do. I've found a really nice house and the area seems really nice and quiet too. so could someone know what its like before i accept the house.
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