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  1. Well never mind performance which I think was a bit patchy a win is a win . get through this group stage and then we will see what we are made of . Young taking free kicks is a joke . Sterling did nothing to justify a first choice in next game . At least a win and we did keep going till the end. Need to show a lot more quality in front of goal .
  2. Hope the problems can be sorted used to spend many happy hour or so in there when I was teenager
  3. I can just remember him and I also think he has passed away last year
  4. I love the Winter Gardens a nice place to have a break and lunch . It is used for different themes some times a school is have a lesson and then a photo display and many more it is great . The tatty snakes are for kids I would imagine and are an attraction . Not a place for hanging baskets etc .
  5. yes already talking about moving Walker to a more central position , Weakening our strongest right back position . More in hope that I am looking past the first round . Manager not my choice , fills in well with the higher management . The quality of other teams seems to be much higher than ours but having said that a couple of our players could cause an upset if on their game , lets hope so
  6. How did people live without padgets cheques and wigfalls . our first tv in married life had the 2 bob box on the rear .My first car was bought very cheap £7 and 10 shillings on account it had no engine . Soon sorted that from scrapyard on middlewood road .
  7. Yes can remember that shop as AES bought a few pistons and gaskets from there very good service . Was only thinking recently where AES was once based never realised it had changed into a book shop . Can remember Hartley being on Church st
  8. come on it must be hard when you have to get up at 10am to go training after a night out .
  9. could it have been Andrews , don't think it was quite on west st
  10. Agree cost cutting and very poor workers. We drive into Sheffield from Dronfield and the grassed verges are about 2ft high and the rounder bout at meadow head is very untidy . Not a very nice welcome into the city , Amey seem to be a very poor company ,a very untidy one . Do the councilors not see the untidiness
  11. Come on GinTree a bit over the top no where near has bad .We tend to paint our past times a bit rosy . When we get older we do feel a bit more insecure but things have not changed that much in town . The introduction of inner city dwelling is welcome and will bring more life at night , hopefully for the better .
  12. Yes sorry to hear about the recent incidents but we should not be put off from visiting our towns . I feel has comfortable in town has I have always done , its true you have to be more careful with the things like cash machine and the technology items like mobile phones we carry about with us but there always has been and always will be some person trying to make an easy pound , just be aware .
  13. Sheffield star named locally as Sam ……..
  14. On news that a 15yr old is being held for stabbing .Very sad how many lives will be ruined by this mindless act . Also named the poor lad who has died .
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