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  1. Anyone know what hope valley is like? Thinking of selling there in a couple of weeks but never been before thanks
  2. Thanks hopefully someone will post on here as soon as they no. Do you have to book a pitch in advance for tesco or can you just turn up on the day?? Thanks
  3. Does anyone no if hillsborough is still on 2m ---------- Post added 27-07-2013 at 22:07 ---------- Does anyone know if hillsborough is still on 2moro or will it have been cancelled due to rain?? Thanks
  4. anyone know when next tesco one is? and also any over bank hol weekend? tia
  5. Tesco wasnt bad this morning it seems to be doing really well at the moment better than last year anywaydoes anyone no when the next one is? Is it eevery fortnight? Thanks
  6. 8am for sellers 9am for buyers ---------- Post added 17-05-2013 at 22:12 ---------- If anyone hears that forge valley is cancelled please post on here asap as im ment 2 b selling thanks
  7. Dont forget theres one at forge valley school at stannington this saturday only £5 for sellers hoping its going to be a good one
  8. definately need to keep loxley open this year!! saturdays would be great
  9. childrens clothes and equipment nearly new sale at fulwood, canterbury avenue TODAY 1-3
  10. when do car boots usually start up again? i can't wait! haha
  11. if anyone is still interested the fulwood nearly new sale is on 17th november between 1 and 3.
  12. there is one at st timothys church crookes on the 13th oct 11-1
  13. thanks for your reply diddydoddy, think i will go 2 chaucer as a buyer but i only have chance to sell on the sunday cos only got a babysitter 4 that morning so really hope it stays dry for a while now :/
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