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  1. Hi all As at today we have 5244 signatures in support of the e petition to release the 1921 census early. The 100 year rule was instituted AFTER this census return and this is now the last census that will help family researchers because the 1931 was destroyed and the 1941 census was never taken. So far as the 1951 census is concerned - either we know someone who was born then or we ourselves were born so the help from that census is limited. Please can we try and up the signatures. We only need another 95,000!! Many thanks
  2. Yes, Sheffield Indexers have it on their site and if you can think or are involved in any other sites please feel free to post Many thanks
  3. Thank you for the responses so far. Please forward the link to as many people as you can. I have also emailed my MP. When I looked at the e petition earlier there were 23 signatures. There are now 39! So people are signing which is great
  4. The 1921 census will not be released until 2022 and there is an e petition running at the moment which, if 100000 signatures are collected, could result in Parliament discussing the issue. Although the law states that this census is covered by the 100 year embargo, there is little reason in practice why the census could not be released early, not least because so much information is in the public domain now. If you are as interested in family research as I am, please click on the link below and add your name to the e petition. Thank you. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/49199
  5. Hi I am interested in finding information on John and Annie Dodd who I understand lived in Suffolk Place/Close in the late 20s, early 30s. Thank you
  6. Hi My grandmother, Lucy Evans, was previously married to a Richard Addy by whom she had three children. She was living in Furnace Hill in 1901.
  7. 99 Pearl Street during the 1920s was where my aunt Kate lived with Ernest Broomhead and their two daughters
  8. My dad's elder half sister Kate Addy and her future husband Ernest Broomhead lived in Pearl Street in the 1920s. They had two daughters Barbara and Kathleen
  9. Johnny Cuthbert was my dad's cousin. Johnny's mum was Emily Cuthbert, nee Ward and she was the sister of George Saville Ward - my dad's dad. He did really well in the 1930s, won a lot of prizes. After retirement he moved to Lincolnshire. He died in 1987.
  10. Pity I was hoping for a middle European rich dynasty! Never mind. Thank you for this. You are right about the non-conformist bit. John Ward, son of Isaac, married Eliza Saville at the Methodist New Connexions Chapel in Sheffield. Her father was George Saville who was an Earthenware Manufacturer and the family lived in New Village.
  11. My great great great grand dad Isaac Ward married Elizabeth Booker! Any help?
  12. Richard and Bertha Addy, landlords of The Wentworth House Hotel, Milford Street! Related to me but I have no idea what they were like as landlords, only that they ran pubs most of their lives and Bertha's daughter and grand daughter (Valerie?) were also in the business
  13. Thanks for this. It completes a bit of my research! The subject of Wards having come up I would love to know anything about Isaac and Elizabeth, especially who Isaac's parents were. I live miles from Sheffield and of course records are a bit patchy on line in the 1700s! Isaac was born in 1779 and Elizabeth, nee Brooker was born in 1783. Also, taking into account the names Isaac, Reuben and Jabez I am assuming a Jewish connection perhaps?
  14. 9 Duke Street Sheffield was the Grocers business of Isaac and Elizabeth continued it - she is mentioned in a local directory of the time. 66 Paradise Street Liverpool was where their son John had his Hardware/Cutler business. Look forward to keeping in touch
  15. Hi I am a Ward by birth and I have an Isaac who was a grocer in Duke Street in the early 1800s and after his death in 1832 his wife Elizabeth took over the business. They had a son, John who was a hardware merchant and cutler who lived in Liverpool but who married a Sheffield girl, daughter of a local pottery manufacturer. Certainly John had a number of siblings but I can't find out much more about them. I would love to know who Isaac's parents were which might help me trace the siblings. Addy
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