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  1. Hi all. Sarah here from Borneholm Dog Rescue. In September of this year Mandy and I plan to cycle 140 miles across Ireland from Dublin to Galway in order to raise funds for our rescue. We plan to do this over 4 consecutive days traveling on average 35 miles a day. You can follow our training here - http://www.facebook.com/bdrrdogs We would really appreciate your support. ANY amount that we can raise will help us continue the work we do. So far in almost 2 years we have helped nearly 160 dogs. Now this may not seem a lot to many, and it certainly isnt compaired to much larger rescues. BUT we re home from our own home, we rehabilitate and we take the ones who have been 'long timers' are elderly or in need of treatment. PLEASE PLEASE support us - http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/bdrr Thank you for reading xxx
  2. Contact Jobi-Wan on here. She works there. Amazing company to work for from what i gather. Temp positions are a easy way to generate some cash. You work in shifts i think. an AM shift and then a PM shift.
  3. I have just come across this site run by the government. It is for a start up loan for new business's for 18-30 year olds. http://www.schoolforstartups.co.uk WELL worth a look. Some of you may actually be able to start up your company. Hope it helps.
  4. maryjane - Ive had no joy with Hallam FM at all. They seem to delete posts about the rescue dogs as soon as i put them on. Have actually just issued a letter of complaint about it. On a plus note, we have some space at the moment and we hopefully will have more space at thew weekend if our rehomes are successfull so will head straight down and help all we can ) http://www.borneholmdogs.org.uk xxxxxx
  5. Direct link to the walk - https://www.facebook.com/events/351030168324457/
  6. Please can i BUMP this up?? we neeeeed to get out there and known. This event will be brilliant. Please click the 'JOIN' button and then 'like' us on Facebook to recieve regular updates xxx
  7. Has this been moved? I did ask in the wanted if we would be able to make use of this? http://www.borneholmdogs.org.uk Thanks xxx
  8. Us please http://www.borneholmdogs.org.uk x
  9. We have tried all different litters and newspaper. He is happy to go in the trays when he is confined to one room so cant be an issue with textures. BUT as the only room we can keep them in is our bedroom when they are flying round at daft o clock its getting a bit of a pain!!!! LOL. Plus its not really fair on them i dont think. I have got some numbers today that i will chase on Monday as to getting them neutered. So fingers crossed i can get them booked in and castrated. However i feel that this wont make much difference. Hes right stubborn LOL. I can only stop them going out the cat flap by confining them to one room. I dont think that this is really fair for such active 16 week old kittens as i said before. They dont have the space they need in there to have a good play and let off steam. BUT as soon as let free The one chooses to run to mess any where he can. Really rock and hard place situation. Thanks for advice peeps x
  10. Hi all. I really need some advice. I recently got 2 kittens (brothers) from a very good friend of mine. However about a month down the line and im encountering real problems with one of them. One is using the litter tray absolutly fine, the other goes anywhere and everywhere it can in the house. I have tried allsorts (my own advice, my friends who i got them from, and looking on the internet) We have 2 litter trays, they are now starting to go out (We have an older cat and they have found his cat flap) But still no joy. I have shut them back in one room and when like this he uses the litter fine, as soon as i let him out hes back to messing all over the house. But they cant stay in one room! I have 2 young children so this is really unhygenic for us. BUT i adore our kittens and the thought of rehoming one is killing me. I have heard that having brothers is a nightmare. Is this true?? ANY help will be much appreciated. Thanks xxx
  11. Please can i know more about the livery in Todwick???? Where abouts is it????? ANY help ASAP about this would be much appreciated xxx
  12. Please can we remember our rescue for cases like this?? http://www.borneholmdogs.org.uk we SPECALISE in these cases and will alwasy take on an older dog. We have NO outside kennels adn would not run the risk of the dog getting stressed living outside at such an old age. PLEASE PLEASE 'like' us and remember us in the future xxxxx
  13. This has been changed from a sponsored walk to an entry fee of £3 per dog. Please keep sharing and liking us on facebook. More the merrier for this wonderful event! We have dinnington/Worksop guardian attending, Photo shoots, and loads of top raffle prizes. http://www.facebook.com/bdrrdogs/events joint the group for more updates xxx
  14. Thanks for the comments guys. Its somethign i have become really proud of. Ive now added 30ish dogs to our 'rehomed' page and still have over 30 to go! Whenw e look back we cant believe how many we have helped in this last year xxx
  15. http://www.borneholmdogs.org.uk We have finally got our website up and running. Im in the process of adding our 'rehomed' dogs to the page but as we have over 60 dogs this will take me a while! Please 'like' us on facebook and share our page and website. Hope you all like it, Ive worked rather hard on it. Learning Wordpress along the way has been a challange! Sarah x
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