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  1. Can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much to take us to gatwick airport on the 10/11/11 and pick us back up on the 24/11/11 Thanks in advance
  2. Im after swapping my iPhone 4 for either a Galaxy S 2 or a HTC sensation
  3. i disagree i just bough this http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/acer-5742-core-i3-laptop-with-3gb-memory-red-08702347-pdt.html really imprerssed with it supports 8gb ram too
  4. Hi whats the best android rom to run on this phone and is it best to run windows mobile 6.5 or windows phone 7??
  5. Are you having a laugh have you seen a Blu-Ray movie in full 1080p 24p high definition looks a lot more then slightly higher pixel resolution, take for instance Avatar (not the best storyline to be fair) but looks truley amazing on Blu-Ray. Plus to add the PS3 is also a 3D Blu-Ray player out of the box, also to be fair i've had both devices i think the mulimedia capabilities of the PS3 is a lot higher and to be fair all my ripped moves i put on external drive and play direct on ps3 or copy them to the PS3 internal HDD, also for streaming can use programs like TVeristy or PS3 media server, i never had an issue with them lagging or straming full HD content but i do have a wireless N setup at the mo
  6. I dont think buses will be running down my road like they usually do unfortunatly
  7. Exactly thats why i didnt get it, i refused
  8. Yea i went with my best friend in manchester and had a nice day out, i was just wondering that was all i have got them blown up so far now by my step dad and they still look ok We got a couple of picture but there is not point calling me a CHEAP SKATE because i didnt want to pay £3000 for all of them
  9. Hi i wanting a different look and thinking about going curly... What are the prices like and where is best place to go Thanks
  10. Not that i have to explain myself to you, i had been recommended to have the photo shoot done... and yes i wanted a cd with them on but i didnt want to pay £3000 for it
  11. Is there anywhere you can get a staffy neutered for free? Or if not how much it would be? Im guessing they would be happy to get a staffy neutered so they know there will be no more staffys been bread through her lol
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