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  1. Don't know if you order off internet? But i ordered a load of different drinks alcohol free from http://www.deliciousdrinksshop.co.uk i think they are based in Netherlands but had case delivered to door in 3 days! hope this is of use to you
  2. Bigsexydoug i would hold on to them there was a number at side of door to ring for refunds and that i think a company callrd online angling is in with it and apparently they are opening a new superstore in lincoln so at least they may be still trading when i next go past i will write number down and post a message to you.
  3. No problem Blowfealt, sorry you missed out on the sunshine better luck next time out. Tight lines mate..
  4. Yes Charliewag thought it had or was about to? Thank you for clearing that up!
  5. Hi Charliewag i am talking about tackle 2 fish on industrial estate penistone Rd next to Montys motors and old Presto tools site!
  6. Steve, Hope your match went well warm but a nice beeze = suntan! went past again this morning at 9.15 all shutters down?? did you find anything out?
  7. Cheers Steve yes will be good to know will defiantly use again if so good shop with great range of tackle.
  8. Oh ok closed this morning though , window full of all bagged up trays of bait notices were at right hand side of front door and shutter was half down at about 10 am? Hope its not but why would they be open / shut / open ? When i called other day they had seatboxes in window. i can only tell what i saw!
  9. How recent? seems a bit strange you would think if someone is in they would want a sale, even if I'm just browsing always manage to spend a few bob on bits! ---------- Post added 25-06-2015 at 10:46 ---------- Been passed this morning yes shut ! Notice outside with phone no on for refunds etc.... and thanking for custom. Boxing everything up to ship out i think?
  10. Just been down to Tackle 2 Fish , shutter not fully open , got met at door by a young man just said "were shut pal" locked door and went back in? anyone know if its just today or perm ?
  11. Does anyone know of anyone who hires out koi vats as i need to drain my pond to reline it and do some rebuilding on filtration.
  12. I drop in at a small yard near roman ridge rd entrance, take some id and they gave me a cheque over counter
  13. I think legally the skip if parked on a public hyway has to 1 have a licence and2.have some form of warning light on it and cones to make motorists aware. it is also the skip drivers responsibility to ensure it is left in a safe place.
  14. Went on a cruise ship stopped not far away , you can walk round it in a day we went in between the historic grand prix and the formula one, all the course and seating is set up we could walk down the pit lane. Walked through the tunnel andround the harbour, like others say very expensive , and probably take advantage for that weekend each year, but dont let this put you off have a great trip mate!
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